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The Professional Musician's Legal Companion

The Professional Musician's Legal Companion

ISBN 13: 9781932929010

ISBN 10: 1932929010

Author: Michael Aczon, Esq.

Pages: 260

Published: 05/17/2005

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This book provides professional musicians a full understanding of this business world evolving around them and the legal issues that affect their industry.
Author Bio
Michael Aczon, Esq.
Michael has practiced entertainment law and managed artists since 1983. He has represented a variety of entertainment clients, from unknown and unsigned local artists to multi-platinum artists and writers to L.A. and Nashville based companies. Michael has written on the business of music for Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. He was a contributing writer to the book The Independent Working Musician by Mary Cosola. Michael has taught music industry courses at several Northern California colleges. He has also served as a member of the National Advisory Committee for the NARAS Entertainment Law Initiative.
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Table of Contents
How To Use this book
A Legal Printer
Recording Artist Agreements
Artist Agreements
Artist-Management Agreements
Performance Agreements
Business Entities
Other Peoples Money
Dispute Resolution
Declaration of Independence: A self-Release Checklist
Care and Feeding of Your Entertainment Lawyer
Lessons Learned