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90 Days to Success as a Manager

90 Days to Success as a Manager

ISBN 13: 9781598638653

ISBN 10: 1598638653

Author: Tony Meola

Pages: 232

Published: 02/19/2009

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  • Appropriate for use by managers in any field, and may be used by corporations as a training tool, individuals as a self help tool, and seasoned managers as a developmental tool.
  • Guides the new manager to achieve success in the critical first year on the job while dealing with people, processes, and technology in a cohesive manner to create a high performance environment.
  • Takes readers beyond management theory by relating important principles to on-the-job situations with case studies and real work scenarios.
  • Provides a real world, fact-based look at management backed by 30 years of proven success not only by the author, but all the mentors and coaches he has had during a career that has taken him from management trainee to CEO of a Wall Street Firm Division.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Vision, Mission, and Values;

Chapter 2: The Management System;

Chapter 3: Change;

Chapter 4: Communications;

Chapter 5: The Management Process;

Chapter 6: Performance Management;

Chapter 7: Environment;

Chapter 8: Presentations;

Chapter 9: Expense Management;

Chapter 10: Some Final Advice;

Appendix: Encore: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words