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OpenProj, The OpenSource Solution for Managing Your Projects

OpenProj, The OpenSource Solution for Managing Your Projects

ISBN 13: 9781598638172

ISBN 10: 1598638173

Author: Lisa A. Bucki

Pages: 320

Published: 09/23/2008

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Accelerating demand for project management skills and tools has created a hunger for solutions. Businesses and individuals want a disciplined way to manage projects, and until recently, most project management programs and enterprise solutions have been costly. OpenProj solves this problem. It provides a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project. Since its release in January 2008, OpenProj has already been downloaded over 375,000 times in over 142 countries and has quickly become one of the most popular open source applications. OpenProj: The Open Source Solution for Managing Your Projects covers how to build accurate project plans in OpenProj and how to track work to a plan. Topics include establishing project parameters and calendars, building the list of tasks (WBS), adding resources, creating assignments, saving the baseline, tracking work, and reporting and communicating about the plan. Each chapter closes with review information for reinforcement and self testing.
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  • Presents project management essentials without overwhelming the reader.
  • Features a complete chapter dedicated to working with an entire project in OpenProj, maximizing reader comprehension and mastery.
  • Common missteps are clearly identified to guide the reader past typical user pitfalls.
  • Combines narrative, steps, and hands-on approaches to suit a variety of learning styles.
Author Bio
Lisa A. Bucki
An author, trainer, and a publishing consultant, Lisa A. Bucki has been involved in the computer book business since 1990. She has written and contributed to dozens of books and multimedia works, in addition to providing marketing and training services to her clients.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Your First Look at Project Management and OpenProj;

Chapter 1: The Project Management Process and OpenProj;

Chapter 2: Learning OpenProj Basics;

Chapter 3: Jump Start: Create and Manage a Project;

Part 2: Building a Project Plan;

Chapter 4: Creating a Project Plan File and Calendar;

Chapter 5: Adding and Organizing Tasks;

Chapter 6: Scheduling the Project by Linking Tasks;

Chapter 7: Listing the Resources You Need;

Chapter 8: Assigning Resources to Tasks;

Chapter 9: Enhancing Task and Resource Information (Provisional);

Part 3: Finalizing and Launching a Project;

Chapter 10: Reviewing and Adjusting the Plan;

Chapter 11: Setting the Baseline and Tracking Work;

Part 4: Reviewing and Sharing Results;

Chapter 12: Using and Printing Views;

Chapter 13: Reporting Project Information;

Appendix A: OpenProj Installation Notes;

Appendix B: Chapter Review Solutions