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Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ISBN 13: 9781598638035

ISBN 10: 1598638033

Author: Jerry Lee Ford, Jr

Pages: 480

Published: 11/11/2008

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VBScript is an excellent first programming language to learn. Its simplicity makes learning basic programming concepts easy. Yet VBScript is a powerful scripting language from which you can learn even the most complex programming concepts such as how to perform object-based programming. Unlike Visual Basic, VBA, and many other programming languages, there is no complex development environment to learn. In fact, you can create all your VBScripts using a simple text editor such as Windows Notepad. VBScripts can be run on WSH (Windows Script Host) and several other environments. If you are new to programming with Microsoft WSH and VBScript and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you.

Developed by computer science professors, books in the for the absolute beginnerâ„¢ series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. You will acquire the skills that you need for more practical WSH and VBScript programming applications and will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios. Best of all, by the time you finish this book, you will be able to apply the basic principles you've learned to the next programming language you tackle.
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  • Written for the beginning programmer, so no prior programming experience is required or assumed.
  • Readers will learn entry level programming techniques using the WSH environment and VBScript as a foundation.
  • Using a games-based approach and real-world scenarios, the book covers programming basics and how to create scripts that automate common Windows tasks.
  • Includes a collection of sample administrative scripts that can be used as a foundation for developing more complex scripts that will automate an assortment of Windows tasks.
Author Bio
Jerry Lee Ford, Jr
Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. is an author, educator, and an IT professional with over 19 years of experience in information technology, including roles as an automation analyst, technical manager, technical support analyst, automation engineer, and security analyst. He has a Masters in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Jerry is also the author or co-author of 28 other books including Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Programming for the Absolute Beginner, Microsoft WSH and VBScript programming for the Absolute Beginner, and Microsoft Windows Shell Script Programming for the Absolute Beginner. He has over five years of experience as an adjunct instructor teaching networking courses in Information Technology. He lives in Hanover, Virginia with his wife, Mary, and their children Alexander, William, and Molly.
cover image - Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner
Table of Contents
Part I: Introducing the WSH and VBScript;

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the WSH and VBScript;

Chapter 2: An Introduction to the Windows Script Host;

Part II: Learning VBScript & WSH Scripting;

Chapter 3: VBScript Basics;

Chapter 4: Constants, Variables, Arrays and Dictionaries;

Chapter 5: Conditional Logic;

Chapter 6: Processing Collections of Data;

Chapter 7: Using Procedures to Organize Scripts;

Part III: Advanced Topics;

Chapter 8: Storing and Retrieving Data;

Chapter 9: Handling Script Errors;

Chapter 10: Using the Windows Registry to Configure Scripts Settings;

Chapter 11: Working with Built-in VBScript Objects;

Chapter 12: Combining Different Scripting Languages;

Chapter 13: Working with Windows Management Instrumentation;

Part IV: Appendices;

Appendix A: WSH Administrative Scripting;

Appendix B: Introducing Remote WSH;

Appendix C: The WSH Core Object Model;

Appendix D: Built-In VBScript Functions;

Appendix E: What's on the Companion Web Site?;

Appendix F: What Next?