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PHP 6/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

PHP 6/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ISBN 13: 9781598637984

ISBN 10: 1598637983

Author: Andrew B. Harris

Pages: 512

Published: 09/09/2008

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If you are new to programming with PHP 6 and MySQL and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you. Developed by computer science instructors, books in the for the absolute beginner™ series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. You will acquire the skills that you need for more practical programming applications and will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios. Everything you need to complete the tutorials is on the companion CD—there's no software to buy and you can get started right away. By the time you finish thebook you will be able to apply the basic principles you've learned to the next programming language you tackle.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Focuses on the latest versions of PHP (6) and MySQL (5).
  • Presents material in a conversational yet authoritative manner to optimize learning for beginners.
  • Includes a combination of large 'real world' examples and small focused code snippets.
  • Includes a CD-Rom with all the source code, plus helpful tools.
Author Bio
Andrew B. Harris
Andy Harris grew up in a time when nearly all programmers were self-taught. He taught himself to program because it was fun. He enjoyed the act of creating. He was amazed that logic was the most fascinating building toy of them all. Many years later, his attitude about programming is largely the same.<BR /><BR />Andy loves computing, but he loves teaching more. His first degree was in special education, and he taught young adults with severe cognitive and behavior disabilities for several years. During this time, he also served as a freelance programmer and taught computer science classes part-time.<BR /><BR />Andy has taught computer science full time at IUPUI for 12 years. He was originally hired to manage the non-major courses. He created many courses on numerous programming languages, and created a distributed education laboratory for creating streaming media course content. He now teach the entry-level freshman course for CS majors, and various other courses, especially in game programming and web development. <BR /><BR />Andy has taught courses in nearly every mainstream programming language and a few obscure ones. He is active in the technology community, with regular conference talks and consultation with libraries, museums, and the state of Indiana. He has been active in helping individuals with disabilities help to form their own web development companies.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Exploring the PHP Environment

Chapter 2: Using Variables and Input

Chapter 3: Controlling Your Code with Conditions and Functions

Chapter 4: Loops and Arrays

Chapter 5: Better Arrays and String Handling

Chapter 6: Working with Files

Chapter 7: Writing Programs with Objects

Chapter 8: XML and Content Management Systems

Chapter 9: Using MySQL to Create Databases

Chapter 10: Connecting to Databases in PHP

Chapter 11: Data Normalization

Chapter 12: Building a Three-Tiered Data Application