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Team Leadership in the Game Industry

Team Leadership in the Game Industry

ISBN 13: 9781598635720

ISBN 10: 1598635727

Author: Seth Spaulding

Pages: 288

Published: 01/06/2009

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Team Leadership in the Game Industry arms you with the information you need to face and meet the challenges of finding, supporting, and retaining a talented team of employees. Specifically addressing the unique needs of managers in the game industry, this book recognizes a common issue: game development teams consisting of talented specialists who lack interpersonal and leadership skills. Filled with tips and advice from industry pros, you’ll learn how to solve problems such as selecting your team, defining roles and identifying
team leaders, meeting deadlines, and handling underperformers. You’ll examine classic leadership traits, and take a look at specific team roles and their daily responsibilities. Real-world case studies illustrate solutions to each problem and hands-on exercises will help you practice the techniques presented. Team Leadership in the Game Industry provides you with a valuable set of best practices and advice to help you achieve efficient, cohesive teams.
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  • Written specifically for those in management positions in the game industry.
  • Provides an inside look at the challenges faced and skills needed to succeed in a leadership role in the game industry.
  • Serves as an essential reference for game industry professionals.
Author Bio
Seth Spaulding
Seth Spaulding is a twelve-year game industry veteran. His first company was Cyberlore Studios where he contributed to 9 titles including Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Simulator, MechWarrior4: Mercenaries and Playboy: The Mansion. During his 10 years with Cyberlore, Seth’s roles included Lead Artist, Art Director, Vice President/Project Lead and President. Since 2005, Seth has worked as Art Director for Firaxis Games (a 2K Games developer) and has contributed to 5 titles including Civilization Revolution and Sid Meier’s Railroads! In 2006, Seth led a seminar on Game Department Leadership and Management during a multi-day seminar in Helsinki through aRTO (a multimedia educational/professional organization). Seth speaks regularly at the Game Developers Conference, presenting on topics such as the Art Directors Roundtable and Art Direction: Confidential. He has also spoken at numerous universities including University of Maryland and the Washington, D.C. Art Institute and he is an active member of the International Game Developers Association. In 2007 he was invited to join the Academy of Interactive Art and Sciences (AIAS) to participate in the selection process for their 2007 awards ceremony.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How We Got Here;

Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Game-Development Company;

Chapter 3: How Leaders Are Chosen, Are Supported, Perform, and Why;

Chapter 4: A Litmus Test for Leads;

Chapter 5: Leadership Types and Traits: Assessment and Development Strategies;

Chapter 6: The Project Team Leader: Roles and Responsibilities;

Chapter 7: The Department Leader: Roles and Responsibilities;

Chapter 8: Difficult Employees, Underperformers, and Bad Leads;

Chapter 9: The Effects of Great Team Leadership;

Appendix A: Sample Skill Ladder