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Going Pro with Logic Pro 8

Going Pro with Logic Pro 8

ISBN 13: 9781598635614

ISBN 10: 1598635611

Author: Jay Asher

Pages: 208

Published: 11/10/2008

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Logic Pro is arguably the number one digital audio workstation among professional musicians and composers, at home in both professional and project studios worldwide. "Going Pro with Logic Pro 8" is an expert level book that addresses the needs of the professional Logic user. The book picks up where the manual leaves off, guiding you from customizing setups of Logic Pro 8 for workflow enhancement, through the recording and editing processes, to preparing final delivery media, dropping power-user tips and tricks throughout the process. Topics covered include building custom mixers; designing templates; organizing your sound palette; dealing with third-party software, applications, and hardware, such as UAD cards and the Akai MPC3000; mixing tips; mastering tips; and much more.
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  • Teaches professional tips and techniques in Logic Pro 8.
  • Includes advanced tips and tricks from professionals in the field.
  • Teaches you how to create templates that represent your entire studio and enhance your workflow; integrating other computers and large sample libraries; technical issues of using Logic for scoring; and more.
Author Bio
Jay Asher
Jay Asher is a composer, songwriter, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, pianist/synthesist, and entertainer who has been based in Los Angeles since 1972. He is best known for scoring the TV series "Zorro" and writing songs recorded by Julia Iglesias, Whitney Houston, and Donna Summer.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Make It Work: Techniques for Customizing Your Logic Pro 8 Setup for Greater Efficiency;

Chapter 2: Becoming a Logic Pro 8 Stud: Techniques for Composing and Editing with Logic Pro 8;

Chapter 3: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Geek: Techniques for Recording and Mixing with Logic Pro 8;

Chapter 4: Logic Pro 8 and the Outside World: Techniques for Integrating Third-Party Software and Hardware with Logic Pro 8