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Game Creation for Teens

Game Creation for Teens

ISBN 13: 9781598635003

ISBN 10: 159863500X

Author: Jason Darby

Pages: 320

Published: 02/21/2008

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Get ready to make fun and exciting computer games, no programming required! Game Creation for Teens shows teens and other beginners how to make their very own awesome games using the Games Factory 2, a simple drag-and-drop game creation system. By the end of the book, you'll have made three amazing sample games and have the skills and information you need to make more games on your own.

You'll start by exploring the different game genres and learning how to organize and develop your own game ideas before you begin creating. Then you'll learn about game creation fundamentals such as graphics settings, methods, and features, as well as how to use and record music and sound in games. Once you have the basics down, the book will introduce you to the Games Factory 2, including how to install it, important program terminology, and a walk-through of the important editors and screens you will use next when you create the three sample games in the book. Creating the games will help you explore and test out the functionality of the Games Factory 2 and build your skill set with the program. You'll finish up by learning how to add objects, pictures, and animation to your games to make them more interesting and dynamic, and even how to test and debug your games. Game Creation for Teens provides you with the information and techniques you need to make your game ideas a reality!
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  • Teaches aspiring game developers with no previous experience how to create games.
  • Does not require programming skills.
  • Utilizes Games Factory 2 software, included on the accompanying CD, to show readers how to create a variety of games.
Author Bio
Jason Darby
Jason Darby is a game designer for one of Europe's leading game developers and publishers, working on a leading AAA game title for the PS3 and Xbox platforms. Jason is the author of a number of game-creation books, including Make Amazing Games in Minutes; Power User's Guide to Windows Development; Awesome Game Creation, Third Edition; Game Creation for Teens; Going to War: Creating Computer War Games; Picture Yourself Creating Video Games; and Wizards and Warriors: Massively Multiplayer Online Game Creation, all published by Cengage Learning. Jason has also had a number of articles published in the UK press, including in Retro Gamer and PC Format, both leading magazines in their field.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Games

Chapter 2: Game Design

Capter 3: Graphics: Game Creation Essentials

Chapter 4: Sound and Music

Chapter 5: Introduction to the Games Factory 2

Chapter 6: Behind the Scenes of the Games Factor 2

Chapter 7: Game Creation: Future Tennis

Chapter 8: Game Creation: Quick Draw

Chapter 9: Game Creation: Last Pursuit

Chapter 10: Advanced Control of Objects

Chapter 11: Working with pictures and Animations in TGF2

Chapter 12: Getting Help

Chapter 13: Bug Finding and Fixing