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Picture Yourself Playing Violin

Picture Yourself Playing Violin

ISBN 13: 9781598634488

ISBN 10: 1598634488

Author: Bridgette Seidel

Pages: 200

Published: 10/23/2007

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Welcome to Picture Yourself Playing Violin! This book and accompanying instructional DVD is the easiest way to learn the violin, because it begins at the basics with no prior musical knowledge assumed. This book/DVD package is truly intended for complete beginners—it guides you through your first steps of acquiring a violin, setting up the violin to practice, actually moving the bow and fingering hands, understanding and reading sheet music, and learning how to practice a song up to a point to where you feel comfortable performing it in front of your first audience. As part of the Picture Yourself series, this learning package provides a progression of easy-to-follow instructions with extremely helpful pictures and diagrams that demonstrate every new technique and skill you need to learn, using the same steps and methods the author uses at her music academy. Each of the eight technique-building chapters covers a major aspect of the art of playing violin; for example, how to bow the violin with the right hand, finger the violin with the left hand, read sheet music, and how to learn and perform songs in an easy to follow step-by-step style of instruction. Each lesson builds on the last and adds a new technical aspect to your repertoire. The book also contains sheet music with supportive finger and bowing markings above each note. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to play 13 songs! To help reinforce the concepts in the book, the accompanying DVD includes over an hour of tutorials demonstrating the proper posture, bowing, and fingering techniques explained in the step-by-step teaching method in the book.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Contains sheet music with supportive finger and bowing markings above each note
  • Includes the 4-color, visual, tutorial style of the Picture Yourself series
  • Interactive DVD offers a tremendous educational value, which acts as a virtual private teacher with quality violin instruction
  • Covers the basic and advanced techniques, as well as the history of the instrument, set up and music theory
Author Bio
Bridgette Seidel
Mrs. Bridgette Seidel graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from Oklahoma City University. In 2000, she founded the Academy of Music Performance in Texas, and is the Head Violin Instructor to close to fifty young violin virtuosos. Shortly after moving to Texas, she joined the performing group, the BCS String Quartet as the 1st Violinist, manager, and song composer. In the year of 2004 she started a successful on-line business,, selling quality violin lessons on DVD. Though her easy step-by-step teaching style coupled with her adventurous and creative spirit, she has touched many hearts world wide with the gift of music.
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Table of Contents
I. Brief History of the Violin

II. Set-up, “Get acquainted with your new best friend”

III. Left Hand, “Wrist down & Fingers Round”

IV. Right Hand, “Thumb bent, Pinky Round, Shoulder down & relaxed”

V. Vibrato “Sound like a Pro”

VI. Technique “Look what I can do!”

VII. Music Theory, “Yes …you really have to read music”

VIII. Practicing, “Investing time in yourself”

IX. Songs “Here we go!”

Advanced Techniques:
I. Double Stops “Fiddle Time!”

II. Shifting “Moving on up”

III. Positions “Odds Vs Evens”

IV. Scales “I Double Dog Dare You”

V. Specialty Markings “Exciting Sound Effects”

VI. Music Theory “Mathematics of Music”