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Tcl and Tk Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Tcl and Tk Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ISBN 13: 9781598634389

ISBN 10: 1598634380

Author: Kurt Wall

Pages: 384

Published: 10/12/2007

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Tcl/Tk is enjoying a resurgence of popularity and interest in the computing community due to the fact that it is relatively easy to learn, powerful, fast, permits rapid development, and runs on all computing platforms. Until now, there has not been a guide book available that teaches Tcl/Tk to those with little or no programming experience. Covering the newest versions of Tcl and Tk, Tcl and Tk Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches beginning and novice programmers concepts such as loops, conditional execution, input and output, and events, and shows readers how to implement these concepts using the grammar and syntax of the Tcl language. As part of the for the absolute beginnerâ„¢ series, the book teaches all the concepts through the creation of simple computer games. Not only will this "learn by doing" approach provide you with an instant sense of accomplishment, but it's also a fun way to learn. Plus, in addition to learning Tcl and Tk, you'll also learn the basics of computer programming, so you'll have a solid foundation from which you can confidently jump to other programming languages.
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  • Provides the only book on Tcl/TK available that targets beginning readers who lack prior programming experience.
  • Teaches all the concepts through the creation of simple computer games, making the learning process much more fun and enjoyable.
  • Tcl and Tk are best learned by example, which the book's approach facilitates.
  • Inlcudes a foreword written by one of the language's co-creators, Brent Welch.
  • Analyzes each program in detail, and most chapters offer suggestions for extending or improving the programs.
  • Includes two appendices offering a complete command reference for every Tcl and Tk command provided in the released version of the languages.
  • Online resources include binary versions of both the released versions Tcl and Tk and a snapshot of the latest development versions, all utilities and tools mentioned in the text, and source code for all programs in the book.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
Kurt Wall
A professional technical writer by trade, Kurt Wall has worked for companies as diverse as Virtual Solutions Inc. to Caldera Systems, where he created the documentation for the OpenLinux eServer and eDesktop and associated tools. After working for TimeSys Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he wrote most of the Linux documentation for TimeSys's embedded Linux products and helped customers use TimeSys Linux Link product, Kurt moved to Panasas, Inc., where he provides thirdlevel technical support for Panasas highspeed parallel storage products for the clustered and parallel computing industry. Kurt is the author of Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration; Linux Programming Unleashed, Second Edition; Linux Programming by Example; and The GCC Book. He's also the co-author of Red Hat Linux Weekend Crash Course, 3rd Edition. He has contributed to more than 15 other<BR />books covering topics such as system administration, performance tuning, clustering, and programming.
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