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Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road

Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road

ISBN 13: 9781598634334

ISBN 10: 159863433X

Author: Jeffrey P. Fisher; Harlan Hogan

Pages: 304

Published: 10/16/2008

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For many years, recording voiceovers was the exclusive domain of commercial studios. Even a simple voice audition meant a trip to a studio, an ad agency, or an agent's office. Today voiceover actors are increasingly producing voice tracks for corporate narration, radio spots, animation, games, and other dialogue projects from their own home studios. Many have learned that to survive in this highly competitive field, they need to learn and master basic home recording production techniques. "The Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road, Second Edition" shows both aspiring and established voiceover actors how to set up and effectively use their own inexpensive -- but professional-sounding -- personal recording studio to make professional-quality home recordings quickly and easily. Everything is covered to help you get auditions and jobs, from setting up your studio with the right hardware and software, recording at home, and production basics, to promotion, podcasting, and advanced production. This new edition of this bestselling bible for voiceover home recording has been completely updated to cover all the exciting new technology and delivery options currently available.
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  • Written by two leading experts with many years of experience on both sides of the equation an -- in-demand voice actor and an established audio engineer
  • Provides a fun, practical, and not-overly-technical guide to home recording specifically for voice actors
  • Includes helpful career-building advice
  • Completely updated to cover all the exciting new technology and delivery
Author Bio
Jeffrey P. Fisher
Jeffrey P. Fisher has built a 25-year career providing music, sound, writing, video, training, and media production and post-production services for corporate, cable, and commercial clients, including indie films. Fisher is the author of 11 books, and he teaches audio and video production and post-production at College of DuPage and DePaul University.
Harlan Hogan
Harlan Hogan has more than 30 years of experience as a voiceover actor and has given voice to scores of highly recognizable ad campaigns, including "It's the cereal even Mikey likes," "Hey, Culligan Man!," and "When you care enough to send the very best." In addition to films and documentaries, it's Hogan's familiar voice that says, "This program was made possible by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you. Thank you." Hogan is the author of more than 50 radio and television commercials, more than 25 corporate and educational videos, three stage plays, and a book, VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor. He lives in North Barrington, Illinois, and telecommutes via his digital home studio.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The New Paradigm - A Home Studio Is a Required Tool of the Trade;

Chapter 2: Recording From the Comfort of Home - Seven Easy Steps to Get Started;

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Computer for Recording at Home and on the Road;

Chapter 4: Assembling Your Home Studio - Hardware;

Chapter 5: Assembling Your Home Studio - Software;

Chapter 6: Sound space: Finding/Creating/Tweaking the Right Location;

Chapter 7: Home Recording - Away from Home;

Chapter 8: Basic Production Techniques;

Chapter 9: Teleportation - Long-Distance Direction;

Chapter 10: Profitable Promotion;

Chapter 11: Working the World Wide Web;

Chapter 12: Advanced Production Techniques;

In Conclusion;

A Glitzy, Glowing, Glimmering, Glamorous Glossary;

Essential Resources Guide