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Beginning Pre-Calculus for Game Developers

Beginning Pre-Calculus for Game Developers

ISBN 13: 9781598632910

ISBN 10: 1598632914

Author: John P. Flynt, Ph.D.; Boris Meltreger

Pages: 336

Published: 09/01/2006

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Successful game programming requires at least a rudimentary understanding of central math topics. While most books neglect the point-by-point details that are necessary to truly hone these skills, Beginning Pre-Calculus for Game Developers tackles each task head on, using easy-to-understand, hands-on exercises. You will conquer the basics of these essential math topics and will then learn how to specifically apply each skill to the field of game programming. Whether you are searching for an entertaining, engaging way to improve your math skills or you wish to develop the background skills necessary to boost your game programming, Beginning Pre-Calculus for Game Developers serves as the step-by-step guide that will help you tackle pre-calculus with confidence.
  • Offers point-by-point descriptions of central math topics together with attractive, fully explained computer programs.
  • Covers the topic as it relates to computer game development, while maintaining standards for first-semester calculus syllabi.
  • The software applications found on the CD-ROM complement the mathematical topics to provide a wide range of math and game hobbyists with interesting, absorbing topics.
  • Provides general readers and hobbyists with a way to approach review of pre-calculus mathematics using easy-to-access computer applications.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
John P. Flynt, Ph.D.
John P. Flynt, Ph.D., works in the software development industry, has taught at colleges and universities, and has authored courses and curricula for several college-level game development programs. His academic background includes work in information technology, the social sciences, and the humanities. Among his works are In the Mind of a Game, Simulation and Event Modeling for Game Developers (with co-author Ben Vinson), and Software Engineering for Game Developers. John lives in the foothills near Boulder, Colorado.
Boris Meltreger
Boris Meltreger graduated from a top mathematics and physics high school in Russia. He went on to earn an advanced degree in optical engineering. After completing a dissertation on acoustics and optics, Boris took up work for the Russian government developing optical computers. He has been the recipient of engineering awards for his work and has owned his own engineering company. Boris has in recent years performed pioneering work in the development of optical technologies for medical applications and currently works as a software engineer. Boris lives in Aurora, Colorado
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Table of Contents
I. Number Systems
II. Graphing
III. Functions
IV. Composition of Functions
V. Solving Equations
VI. Inequalities
VII. Completing the Square
VIII. Operations with Polynomials
IX. Basic Trigonometry Ratios
X. Basic Trigonometry Functions