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Game Programming All in One

Game Programming All in One

ISBN 13: 9781598632897

ISBN 10: 1598632892

Author: Jonathan S. Harbour

Pages: 832

Published: 10/23/2006

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Game Programming All in One, Third Edition gives aspiring game programmers the skills that are needed to create professional-quality games. If you have a working knowledge of C or C++ and are ready to expand your skills into the field of game programming, then get ready to begin your journey with this latest edition! You won't cover the topic of programming in general, but rather the specifics of programming for games. Using the cross-platform Allegro game library, you'll learn how to write complete games that will run on almost any operating system. Both Windows® and Linux® screenshots are displayed throughout. Using the techniques taught within this book and the tools included on the CD-ROM, you'll be able to write standard Windows and DirectX® programs without the cost of an expensive compiler.
  • Includes everything needed to write complete games, including the compiler, editor, and game library.
  • Includes cross-platform coverage.
  • Teaches C programmers how to use multi-platform and open-source tools to create 2D games.
  • Both Windows and Linux screen shots are included.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
Jonathan S. Harbour
Jonathan S. Harbour is an associate professor at the University of Advancing Technology (Tempe, AZ). His web site at includes an online forum and blog for book support. His most recent game projects are Starflight - The Lost Colony ( and Aquaphobia: Mutant Brain Sponge Madness (
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Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction To Cross-Platform Programming
Chapter 1: Demystifying Game Development
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Dev-C++ and Allegro
Chapter 3: Basic 2D Graphics Programming with Allegro
Chapter 4: Writing Your First Allegro Game
Chapter 5: Programming The Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick

Part Two: 2D Game Design and Programming
Chapter 6: Introduction To Game Design
Chapter 7: Basic Bitmap Handling and Blitting
Chapter 8: Basic Sprite Programming: Drawing Scaled, Flipped, Rotated, Pivoted, and Translucent Sprites
Chapter 9: Advanced Sprite Programming: Compiled Sprites, Collision Detection, and Animation
Chapter 10: Timers, Interrupt Handlers, and Multi-threading
Chapter 11: Programming Tile-Based Scrolling Backgrounds Using MappyAL
Chapter 12: Creating A Game World: Editing Tiles and Levels
Chapter 13: Creating a Tile-Based Scrolling Arcade Game

Part Three: Taking It To The Next Level
Chapter 14: Mastering The Audible Realm: Allegro''s Sound Support
Chapter 15: Using Data Files To Store Game Resources
Chapter 16: Multiplayer Programming Using TCP/IP Sockets
Chapter 17: Enhancing Gameplay with Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 18: Basic 3D Graphics Programming Using AllegroGL
Chapter 19: Publishing Your Game

Part Four: Appendices
Appendix A: Useful Tables
Appendix B: Numbering Systems: Binary and Hexadecimal
Appendix C: Recommended Books and Web Sites