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PHP for Teens

PHP for Teens

ISBN 13: 9781598631395

ISBN 10: 159863139X

Author: Maneesh Sethi

Pages: 300

Published: 05/24/2006

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Don't limit the functionality of your web site! If you're ready to create interactive, dynamic pages for your site, then PHP for Teens is ready to show you how. You don't need any experience with PHP to begin. You'll learn everything you need to know along the way. The topics covered by PHP for Teens will get you up and running whether you're using a PC, a Mac®, or Linux®. You'll cover everything from basic design and introductory PHP concepts to variables, expressions, and operators. You'll also get a quick overview of HTML and PHP form design. Take control of your web site using the power of PHP!
  • Written specifically for teens, the book teaches the PHP programming language in a fun and easy way.
  • Features clear, step-by-step instructions and example programs that allow readers to create dynamic web pages and simple games with the new skills learned.
  • Covers the entire PHP language?from the basics of operators, commands, and functions, to the more complex classes and inheritance.
  • The accompanying CD-ROM features source code, tutorials, and more.
Author Bio
Maneesh Sethi
Maneesh Sethi is a student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. As a high-school student, Sethi founded Standard Design, a web-site design company. He is the author of Game Programming For Teens, first and second editions, and Web Design For Teens. Sethi lectures on game programming topics at conferences across the country and has been a guest on G4TechTV. Visit his web site at
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