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Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals

Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals

ISBN 13: 9781598630237

ISBN 10: 1598630237

Author: F. Alton Everest

Pages: 216

Published: 06/20/2006

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Audio productions are made or broken by the quality of the recording engineer's ears. The ability to properly discern sounds, identify subtle problems, and act accordingly to apply the necessary fix makes all the difference in the quality of the final tracks and master. The good news is that these crucial skills can be learned.

The ability to instantly identify frequencies, hear hidden distortions, and instinctively reconcile conflicts in the EQ of instruments, audio elements, vocals and more are traits of those who have mastered the art of audio production. The best engineers have trained their ears to immediately recognize audio problems that the consumer and those new to recording arts would likely not hear, but that, if left unresolved, would result in an amateurish final product. For more than two decades, students of F. Alton Everest's Critical Listening and Auditory Perception courses have rapidly developed these skills by using the intense lessons found in this book and on the CD. Unfortunately the books and CDs included with the course were usually too expensive for aspiring engineers to purchase and were often available only in colleges, universities, or school libraries.

Now for the first time these indispensable training sessions are available with this release of Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals. Through hundreds of illustrations and an accompanying disc containing high-resolution MP3 files with nearly five hours of narration of the entire course, you can acquire the audio discernment skills of a seasoned recording engineer by studying this course at your own pace, in your own home.
  • Useful for anyone involved in professional audio recording, including recording engineers, producers, musicians, and video post production engineers.
  • Teaches the most important skills a music engineer and producer need: the ability to discern audio frequencies, distortions, and other sounds.
  • Learn how to better your ability to listen and hear what is really happening in a recording.
  • A combination of hundreds of illustrations, over six hours of recorded audio, and step-by-step instructions make it easy to grasp the techniques presented.
Author Bio
F. Alton Everest
The late F. Alton Everest (1909-2005) was the most respected audiologist in the professional recording industry. His revered works and courses produced more than twenty books and editions in his lifetime, including The Master Handbook of Acoustics, Audio Techniques for the Home and Studio, and How to Build a<BR />Small Budget Recording Studio from Scratch ... With 12 Tested Designs. As the supervisor of UC San Diego¿s Listening Section Laboratory during WWII, Everest conducted underwater sound research experiments for the war effort. For 25 years he produced science fi lms for the renowned Moody Institute of Science, followed by years teaching and working as a highly sought after audio consultant.
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