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Networking Strategies for the New Music Business

Networking Strategies for the New Music Business

ISBN 13: 9781592007530

ISBN 10: 1592007538

Author: Dan Kimpel

Pages: 200

Published: 04/20/2005

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The music industry is a large, growing, and often impenetrable business. Who you know, what you know, and who knows you are the three most important factors that will determine your success in the music business. "Networking Strategies for the New Music Business" teaches the reader how to break into the insular world of the business and advance their career by creating successful personal relationships. Written by a veteran and recognized expert in the business, the book teaches both professional and aspiring musicians the importance of personal contact as well as proper protocol, etiquette, how to make and maintain contacts, and the right way to submit or get his/her work noticed. Working off of the premise that trends and styles in music change but the people behind the scenes do not, the book helps musicians lay the ground work for an ever-changing career. Learn from the author as he shares both triumphs and setbacks throughout a career that has taken him from biker bars to a prestigious career that involves both teaching and working with world-renowned professional musicians. "Networking Strategies for the New Music Business" combines humor with hard reality to teach the basic social and professional skills that musicians need to succeed in the music business.
  • Written for both professional and aspiring musicians, including songwriters, composers, music editors, music publishers, and music editors.
  • Shows how creating successful personal relationships will help career advancement in the music business.
  • Illustrates the importance of a good first impression and the impact of personal contact in an era of digital communication.
  • A humorous, light tone combined with hard facts and advice makes the book an approachable yet informative read.
  • Author is a 30 year veteran and recognized expert of the music business who has both worked with professional musicians and taught and written about networking in the music industry.
Author Bio
Dan Kimpel
Acknowledged as one of the American media's foremost authorities on popular music and songwriters, Dan Kimpel contributes to numerous interactive DVDs, magazines, web sites, podcasts, documentary films, videos, in flight airline audio programs, and new media. His notable interviews include conversations with Leonard Cohen, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Green Day, Metallica, Fergie, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, and Dr. Maya Angelou. Dan is the author of Electrify My Soul: Songwriters and the Spiritual Source, How They Made It: True Stories of How Music's Biggest Stars Went From Start To Stardom, Networking Strategies For The New Music Business, and Networking in the Music Business. A noted music business educator, Dan lectures at colleges, universities, and conferences across the U.S. and Canada, and for five years conducted a master class in Networking for graduating seniors at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in the UK. He is a faculty member at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where he was recently named MBP Teacher of the Year. Visit Dan online at:
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Table of Contents
1. Personal Paths in the Music Business
2. The Modern Music Business
3. Personalities Plus
4. True Tales
5. Making Contact
6. Telephone and E-Mail
7. Creating Effective Tools of the Trade
8. Live Venues and Ventures
9. Success Stories
10. Go Where you Wanna Go
11. Defining Your Direction
12. It''s a Wrap