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The Studio Business Book

The Studio Business Book

ISBN 13: 9781592007479

ISBN 10: 1592007473

Author: Mitch Gallagher; Jim Mandell

Pages: 376

Published: 01/24/2006

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"The Studio Business Book, Third Edition" teaches business managers and entrepreneurs the business skills they need to successfully operate a recording studio. Readers learn every aspect of putting together and managing a recording studio, including budgets and taxation, employment issues, capitalization, and equipment planning requirements. Written by industry experts, no other book provides such in-depth, comprehensive, and industry-specific coverage of the business side of running a for-hire recording studio.
  • Written for business managers and entrepreneurs who operate for-hire recording studios.
  • Teaches important basic business skills and how to apply them to running a recording studio.
  • Get in-depth, specific information on all aspects of putting together and managing a recording studio.
  • The only comprehensive book that features studio-specific training information.
Author Bio
Mitch Gallagher
Mitch Gallagher has been chasing guitar tone for more than 30 years. He toured as a lead guitarist/vocalist in rock and country bands and has played with big bands, with fusion and experimental music groups, and as a classical and steel-string guitar soloist. As a music technology specialist, he has taught college courses, lectured, given clinics, consulted with manufacturers, and spoken at festivals, conventions, and conferences around the world. His musical compositions cover genres from classical to experimental to heavy metal. His work Prophecy #1: At First Glance, an experimental percussion ensemble/synthesizer work based on the Fibonacci number series, received a 1991 NARAS (Grammy) award in the Best New Music/New Classical category. The former senior technical editor of Keyboard magazine and former editor-in-chief of EQ magazine, Mitch has published well over 1,000 articles in music, guitar, and recording publications. His monthly column, "Guitar Tracks," currently appears in Premier Guitar magazine. He appears in well over 100 YouTube videos. In addition to freelance writing and editing, he is an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University/Purdue University Fort Wayne; he operates The Sound Sauna/MAG Media Productions, a recording and mastering studio; and he is the editorial director for Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Jim Mandell
Jim authored the previous editions of The Studio Business Book and has been involved in the recording studio business and the music industry for more than 25 years.
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Table of Contents
1. Looking Out from the Inside
2. Writing a Business Plan
3. How Much Does it Cost? How Much Have You Got?
4. Making It Happen
5. The Project Studio
6. Expense Planning
7. Putting a Price on Value
8. Income Sources: Getting Creative
9. Developing Contracts
10. Advertising and PR
11. The Art of Schooling
12. Keeping Track of Things
13. Politics and Psychology
14. Equipment, Money, and Strategy
15. On Being the Boss
16. Hiring and Firing
17. The Employee Manual
18. Coping with Disaster
19. Betting on the Future
Appendix: The Manager's Quick Reference Guide