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Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One

Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One

ISBN 13: 9781592007332

ISBN 10: 1592007333

Author: Kenneth C. Finney

Pages: 650

Published: 08/24/2005

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Take your 3D game programming skills to the next level! Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One uses the Torque Game Engine to teach experienced 3D game programmers advanced concepts. You'll use the Torque Game Engine to learn each new skill, maximizing your game engine experience. Quickly conquer TorqueScript, simulation techniques, the ins and outs of the game engine, player control, and using applied artificial intelligence. Then take it up a notch and discover how to spice up your game with enhanced game modeling using character and shape modeling and dynamic skins. Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One reveals the techniques and mechanisms that will give you an insider's look into the realm of game development so you can create your own amazing games just like the pros.
  • Teaches advanced 3D game programming topics for readers with some programming experience who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • Includes coverage of artificial intelligence, terrain techniques, exposition of game engine design and internal operation, inclusion simulation and control concepts, and scripting tutorials.
  • Skills and concepts are taught using the Torque Game Engine so that the emphasis is on learning how to use a game engine to maximum effect.
  • Shows how anyone, not just professional game programmers, can make great games.
  • All script source code, tools, and resources are supplied on the accompanying CD.
Author Bio
Kenneth C. Finney
Kenneth C. Finney teaches in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, where he runs the Game Development Workshop. Ken has taught game design, level and GUI design, game development, programming, and prototyping at the Art Institute of Toronto where he was lead faculty member in the Game Art & Design program for five years. Ken is the creator of the popular TubettiWorld "Online Campaign" Mod and the "QuicknDirty" game management tools for NovaLogic's Delta Force 2 game series. In addition to being an associate developer of the Torque Game Engine at GarageGames, Ken is the author of several books about game programming including 3D Game Programming All In One, 1st & 2nd Editions and Advanced 3D Game Programming All In One. Ken is 50% owner of TubettiWorld Games, Inc. (TWG), an Ontario-based company that is creating a new and unique Action/Adventure game based on the original TubettiWorld design, using Torque Game Engine Advanced. The team that Finney has assembled at TWG was responsible for delivering a 3D action racing game for a major U.S. toy manufacturer in 2008.
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Table of Contents
PART I - Advanced Script Programming
1. A Target-Rich Environment
2. Working with Torque Script
3. Vectors and Matrices
4. 3D Using Torque Scripts

PART II - Artificial Intelligence
5. Easing into Artificial Intelligence
6. Using AI in Games
7. Artificial Enemies
8. Interactive AI
9. Group Behaviors

PART III - Enhanced Game Programming
10. Damage Control
11. Making it Real
12. Spicing it Up
13. Online Game Services Using PHP

PART IV - Enhanced Game Modeling
14. Structure Modeling
15. Shape Modeling
16. Variable Skins

Appendix A - The Torque Reference
Appendix B - Additional Resources