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Digital Sports Photography

Digital Sports Photography

ISBN 13: 9781592006489

ISBN 10: 1592006485

Author: G. Newman Lowrance

Pages: 280

Published: 04/01/2005

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"Digital Sports Photography" helps the photography enthusiast learn the basics of the latest digital sports photography techniques, equipment, and how to get started or take better sports photos. This book will capture the attention of any individual wanting to learn about the latest developments in the professional sports photography world and how they can be applied. Unlike many other books available on this topic, this book addresses the benefits of using digital equipment as usage of film becomes almost extinct. Emphasizing the need for an up-to-date resource, the photography market is currently undergoing a complete transformation from film to digital in both consumer and professional usages. The author, with many years of experience in this realm of photography, includes a biography on how a photographer started shooting high school games for free before working up to a Super Bowl-level photographer. Whether the reader is a beginning to intermediate photographer who wants to learn how to take better sports photographs or a photographer who wants to continue into the Sports Photography field, this book will prove a valuable resource.
  • Geared toward beginning to intermediate photographers, this book provides basic techniques, industry secrets, and expert advice on sports photography.
  • Offers unique insight from an NFL editor on what editors look for in sports photography.
  • Gives true, autobiographical examples of how to get started and succeed as a sports photography professional.
  • Features fantastic, eye-catching sports action photographs that will generate excitement and inspiration.
  • Provides information on the latest digital technology and how it has benefited the sports photography industry.
Author Bio
G. Newman Lowrance
G. Newman Lowrance has been a professional photographer for more than 18 years, with a major emphasis in sports. His images have appeared in ESPN The Magazine; Sports Illustrated; Sports Illustrated for Kids; Sports Weekly; The Sporting News; Official NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl game magazines; NFL videos and team calendars; NFL Insider magazine; The New York Times Magazine; and various covers and interior photographs for Street & Smith's sports annuals; Athlon Sports annuals; ATS Consultants annuals; Human Kinetics publications; DK publications; and Scholastic Inc. His photos have also appeared for various commercial usages such as DirecTV; Fathead; Time Warner, Inc.; and Reebok, Inc. Newman's big break occurred after moving to the Los Angeles area when NFL Photos recognized his skills. At NFL Photos, Newman worked his way up to become one of their most published photographers. Currently, he is a freelance photographer for Getty Images.
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Table of Contents
1. How I Made It in Sports Photography: My Story
2. From Film to Digital: The Transformation
3. The Basics of Shooting Sports
4. What an Editor Looks For
5. Baseball
6. Football
7. Basketball
8. Hockey
9. Soccer
10. Tennis