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Beginning C# Game Programming

Beginning C# Game Programming

ISBN 13: 9781592005178

ISBN 10: 1592005179

Author: Ron Penton

Pages: 320

Published: 10/22/2004

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"Beginning C# Game Programming" approaches the topic of programming with C# for a total beginner, first easing the reader into the techniques of C#, and then slowly combining all of the information together enabling the reader to create a complete computer game. Divided into two comprehensive sections, this book first provides readers with the techniques and skills that they need to program with C#, including the basics of .NET and computer programming. The second section concentrates on programming for games. Readers will learn how to use C# to interface with DirectX 9 and will cover the basics of graphics, input, and sound.
  • Provides true beginners with the programming skills they need to create games using C#.
  • Shows readers how to combine C# with DirectX 9.
  • Covers comprehensive game development topics, including sound and graphics.
  • Comes complete with Q&As, extensive end-of-chapter exercises, and a CD to reinforce self-practice and learning.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
Ron Penton
Ron Penton is an independent programmer with a primary interest in computer games. He began using GW-BASIC in 1989, moved on to Visual Basic 4 in 1995, QBasic in 1996, and learned C++ in 1997. Ron began working on his degree in 1998 at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is working on completing his Bachelors in Computer Science at the University of Buffalo. Ron contributed a chapter in the book titled ¿Game Programming All in One¿ published by Premier Press.
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Table of Contents
Part I - Learning C#
1. The History of C#
2. The Basics
3. A Brief Introduction to Classes
4. Advanced C#
5. One More C# Chapter

Part II - Game Programming in C#
6. Setting Up a Framework
7. Direct3D
8. DirectInput
9. DirectSound
10. Putting It All Together

Appendix A - Answers To Questions
Appendix B - Setting Up DirectX and .NET