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Digital Music Making for Teens

Digital Music Making for Teens

ISBN 13: 9781592005086

ISBN 10: 159200508X

Author: Andrew Hagerman

Pages: 416

Published: 12/20/2004

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Geared towards teens, this book is for readers that are ready to move beyond the stage of simply ripping audio from CDs to the more creative ends of digital music production. Indeed, the sheer volume and variety of computer-based production techniques seems daunting. This book eases beginning musicians through that first crucial step into the larger world of digital production. Utilizing the most basic of materials, all included on the CD-ROM, to their greatest advantage, this book guides readers through the process of building a finished product. Thorough in concepts, but also hands-on, readers will learn the big picture, but also how to use multiple tools to get the job done. With the growing power of today’s processors and plummeting computer prices, the number of aspiring young musicians is growing. The goal of this book is to provide the need for artistic expression with a solid education and the right way to get started. Through step-by-step tutorials, beginners will be using MIDI and digital audio to make their own music and CD in no time.
  • Perfect for any teen that wants to get started in musical creation.
  • Covers how to turn the power of the PC towards digital production?composing, editing and mixing.
  • Written in a conceptual and result-based tone that is very accessible to new teen musicians.
  • Discusses how to make the most music with the least expense using the most common computer platform and hardware.
  • Includes a CD-ROM which contains tutorial materials as well as trial versions of software needed to complete this book?s exercises.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
Andrew Hagerman
Andrew Hagerman has been a professional musician and teacher for the majority of his 40+ years, beginning his musical life at the early age of eight as an aspiring tubist and continuing to study at Northwestern University in Chicago. During his time there, MIDI and computer music were in their infancy, and Andy recognized the usefulness of music technology in aiding the creative process. Andy had the opportunity of learning the new technological tools of the trade as they were being invented and refined, and his quest for the best in audio and music technology ultimately brought him to use and teach Avid’s Pro Tools. As a performer and arranger, Andy has worked with numerous ensembles of all types, including many years of playing at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland. As a composer, he’s active in the creation of planetarium and science center productions, and his work can be heard worldwide. With a passion for teaching, Andy has also worked as the Associate Course Director of Advanced Audio Workstations at Full Sail Real World University in Winter Park, Florida, and has authored seven books on audio production and Pro Tools. Andy currently manages Avid’s Asia-Pacific Training Partner Program, working with excellent educational institutions throughout the region to offer the highest level of audio and video training to the next generation of creative professionals.
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Table of Contents
1. Welcome!
2. Getting Started
3. Making Noise: Basic Sysnthesis
4. The Computer and the Composer - Making MIDI Work for You
5. Getting into Digital Audio
6. Digital Audio Workstations
7. Desktop Mixing
8. Takin it Home!
9. Fun stuff! Sound with Picture
10. Now youre ready: Getting Really Creative