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PHP 5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

PHP 5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ISBN 13: 9781592004942

ISBN 10: 1592004946

Author: Andy Harris

Pages: 464

Published: 07/23/2004

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This book is an introduction to programming with a specific focus on programming web servers with the PHP programming language. Much of the original content from the first edition (1931841322) will be retained, while also including updates relating to the upcoming PHP 5.0 release. Following the same format as the popular first edition, this book provides easy-to-follow instruction. Readers will use the concepts presented in the book to create games using PHP and MySQL. As each concept is put to the test, readers will acquire programming skills that will easily transition to real-world projects. A true beginner's guide, this book enables readers to acquire programming skills that they will be able to use in the next language that they tackle.
  • Presents the topic in an easy-to-follow format while still relating it to real-world situations.
  • Written by an experienced author and educator, the tone of the book is friendly and non-threatening, but still authoritative.
  • All necessary software is supplied; no other purchase will be necessary for the reader.
Author Bio
Andy Harris
Andy Harris began teaching computing at the university level in the late 1980s as a part-time job. Since 1995, he has been a full-time lecturer at the Computer Science Department of Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). He now manages the IUPUI Streaming Media Lab and teaches classes in several programming languages. Andy resides in Noblesville, Indiana.
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Table of Contents
1. Exploring the PHP Environment
2. Using Variables and Input
3. Controlling your Code with Conditions and Functions
4. Loops and Arrays
5. Better Arrays and String Handling
6. Working with Files
7. Writing Programs with Objects
8. XML and Content Management Systems
9. Using MySQL to Create Databases
10. Connecting to Databases within PHP
11. Data Normalization
12. Building a Three-Tiered Data Application

Appendix A: Reviewing HTML and Cascading Style Sheets
Appendix B: Using SQLite as an Alternative Data Source