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Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition

Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition

ISBN 13: 9781592004317

ISBN 10: 1592004318

Author: Harald Johnson

Pages: 416

Published: 10/26/2004

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Providing an enhanced edition of the first, every page of this book has been reviewed, overhauled, updated, or revised with an emphasis on “current” and “changing” technology. This full-color guide provides all the information necessary to execute the latest advanced printing and image-editing techniques. It is the definitive resource to the digital imaging and printing revolution. With an in-depth understanding of digital printing, readers learn a number of techniques including how to choose the right inkjet printer, inks and papers; make a great inkjet print by following the complete, step-by-step workflow process; and determine and test for print permanence. This book is illustratively easy to follow and visually inspirational, offering plenty of sidebars, charts, diagrams, and photos as well as an exciting gallery of the best in digital fine art. Filling the need for a very large audience, “Mastering Digital Printing, 2nd Edition” can be useful to traditional artists, digital artists, printmakers, art marketers, vendors/suppliers to the industry, trade and arts organizations, and art schools and training workshops. Due to changing technology, references to equipment, supplies, hardware, and software have been reviewed and updated with all new products highlighted wherever possible. Concise and comprehensive, this encyclopedic resource guide provides readers with a thorough introduction to this new expressive medium.
  • Offers a revised, updated edition of the successful guide, ?Mastering Digital Printing."
  • First edition has proven itself with the #1 Amazon Sales Ranking for Photography and Computer books.
  • Guides readers to a complete understanding of digital printing and the differences between digital printing technologies.
  • Includes a foreword by photographer/musician Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash.
  • Provides the first accurate history of the invention of digital fine art printing and the term "giclée."
Author Bio
Harald Johnson
Harald Johnson has been immersed in the world of commercial and fine-art imaging and printing for more than 25 years. A former professional photographer, designer, and creative director, Johnson is an imaging consultant, the head of his own marketing communications agency, and the creator of DP& (, the digital printing and imaging resource for photographers and digital/traditional artists.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Digital Printing Basics
1. Navigating the Digital Landscape
2. Understanding Digital Printing
3. Creating and Processing the Image
4. Understanding and Managing Color
5. Determining Print Permanence

Part 2: The Main Event: Inkjet Printing
6. Selecting Your Inkjet Printer
7. Choosing Your Consumable
8. Making a Great Inkjet Print
9. Finishing and Displaying Your Prints

Part 3: Beyond the Basics
10. Using a Print Service
11. Special Printing Techniques