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Digital 3D Design

Digital 3D Design

ISBN 13: 9781592003914

ISBN 10: 1592003915

Author: Simon Danaher

Pages: 192

Published: 09/10/2004

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"Digital 3D Design" offers comprehensive coverage of digital 3D design for the business, advertising, manufacturing, visualization, and entertainment industries. It acts as a comprehensive introduction for newcomers to the field, explaining the major concepts while avoiding technical jargon or heavy, software-specific information. Instead of focusing specifically on technology, this book goes into the subject from the viewpoint of the professional or student designer. It introduces the hardware and software that 3D designers need to consider, then runs through the fundamentals of working in 3D. An exploration of 3D techniques common to most 3D applications follows, with practical examples and step-by-step tutorials. The book also showcases 3D work by the author and other prominent 3D artists. The emphasis is on the results and the techniques needed to achieve them, rather than on features for features’ sake. It also takes a more holistic approach to 3D, covering the whole of the field rather than any one segment.
  • The most comprehensive guide to 3D design on the market.
  • Detailed enough for existing practitioners, but accessible to newcomers.
  • Over 400 illustrations, including an eye-catching gallery section.
Author Bio
Simon Danaher
Simon Danaher has been working in the graphics industry for over five years, and his client base includes BBC Worldwide, UK magainzes and publishers, and international clients like Fujitsu and Isuzu. Simon has contributed regular material to leading creative magazines such as Computer Arts, 3D World, and MacUser, and on occasion he teaches application-specific courses in 3D computer graphics. His books include Digital 3D Design (Cassell Illustrated, 0304359904) and 3D Wizardry (Focal Press, 0240519221).
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Table of Contents
Part 1. History of 3D
1. 3D Past
2. 3D Present
Part 2. 3D in the Real World
3. 3D at Work
4. 3D in the Arts
Part 3. 2D to 3D
5. 2D Canvas and 3D Space
Part 4. 3D Core Concepts
6. The Nature of 3D
7. Modeling
8. Light and Surface
Part 5. Artists Toolkit
9. Essential Tools
10. Software
Part 6. 3D Techniques and Design
11. Pro Techniques
12. Design in Action
13. Gallery