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Nuendo Power!

Nuendo Power!

ISBN 13: 9781592003907

ISBN 10: 1592003907

Author: Ashley Shepherd; Robert Guerin

Pages: 488

Published: 07/13/2004

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"Nuendo Power!" examines every feature and functionality of Steinberg's flagship product. Nuendo is the buzz of the music technology population, having garnered many famous producers and engineers as endorsers along with critical acclaim from the media. This support along with the firmly entrenched user base of Cubase has poised Nuendo to be a very viable option for digital audio workstations (DAW) in the market. With Nuendo having entered the arena of the next generation DAW, its user base is continuing to increase as well as the need for an in-depth look at this popular and dynamic tool. Not only does this book cover all that Nuendo has to offer as a tool, it explores the background information regarding digital audio, recording and mixing techniques and general audio. In a nutshell, this book doesn't just go into how to push buttons; it informs users as to exactly why they would want to push the buttons in the first place. This Power! series book involves readers in real-world situations as they relate to specific features in the software. This is truly the ultimate source of knowledge for musicians who are serious about learning and using Nuendo.
  • Falling within the Power! series, this book provides in-depth coverage of Steinberg?s Nuendo software.
  • Includes every feature of the latest version, 2, and its application in typical production.
  • Covers setup of the system software and hardware for use in any number of situations, whether a project studio or full-fledged post production facility.
  • Provides musicians with not only the ?how,? but also the ?why? behind all that Nuendo has to offer as a digital audio workstation.
Author Bio
Ashley Shepherd
Ashley Shepherd is a gold and platinum award-winning producer, engineer, and musician with more than 20 years of experience ranging from recording, mixing, and mastering to production, software development, and technical writing. His credits include Blessid Union of Souls, Carole King, Pokémon: The Movie, NASCAR, NFL, Oprah, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Puma, Procter & Gamble, Woolrich Clothing, and many more. As a technical author, he has written PRO TOOLS FOR VIDEO, FILM, AND MULTIMEDIA and PLUG-IN POWER!:THE COMPREHENSIVE DSP GUIDE, and he writes manuals for Steinberg, Endless Analog, and IOSONO. At his studio,, he continues to produce and mix new music (Bad Veins) and create sound design for film and television while providing support and installation of Endless Analog's CLASP systems for clients ranging from Peter Frampton to Oliver Leiber.
Robert Guerin
A composer for the past 18 years and a music enthusiast since 1976, Robert Guérin has worked on different personal and professional projects, such as feature and short films, television themes, and educational and corporate videos. As a professor, Robert has put together several courses covering a wide range of topics, such as computer software for musicians, digital audio technologies, sound on the Web, sound in multimedia productions, hard disk recording, and many more. He has been program coordinator at Trebas Institute in Montreal and a part-time professor at Vanier College, also in Montreal. Robert has developed online courses on sound integration in Web pages and has written several articles, tutorials, and software reviews for audio and music related online magazines. Robert has authored five editions of CUBASE POWER! He has also written two editions of MIDI POWER! and co-wrote NUENDO POWER!
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Table of Contents
1. Introducing Nuendo
2. A Guided Tour of Nuendo
3. Getting Started
4. Navigating the Project Window
5. Working with Tracks
6. Track Classes
7. Audio and MIDI Recording
8. MIDI Editing Windows
9. Audio Editing
10. Browsing and Processing Options
11. Project Editing
12. Mixer and Channel Settings
13. Working with Automation
14. Working in Sync
15. Mixdown and Mastering
16. Score Editing
A: Networking
B: Using MIDI Effects
C: Logical Editing
D: Optimizing Through Customizing
E: Surround Mixing
F: Nuendo Resources on the Web