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Hollywood 2D Digital Animation: The New Flash Production Revolution

Hollywood 2D Digital Animation: The New Flash Production Revolution

ISBN 13: 9781592001705

ISBN 10: 159200170X

Author: Sandro Corsaro; Clifford J. Parrott

Pages: 256

Published: 03/17/2004

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Digital animation, particularly using Flash, is primed to take Hollywood/TV by storm in the Fall with two feature films and three television shows underway. This book describes why Flash is the future of broadcast animation. As the future of 2D animation, the knowledge provided to the reader by this book will be a necessity for animators, producers, and executives. Author, Sandro Corsaro, is currently working on a feature film, "Lil' Pimp", for Sony Pictures done 100% in Flash, and has worked on two animated films for Warner Bros, "The Iron Giant" and "Osmosis Jones". Corsaro provides rare insight for many budding animators stemming from his consulting and connections with numerous studio executives. The book explains Flash animation and shows its direct correlation to real-world scenarios that animators experience at studios including budgets, schedules, salaries, labor issues and production flow.
  • Includes rare insight about Flash production models from major studio networks such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Nickelodeon.
  • Author is currently working on a feature film for Sony Pictures, "Lil? Pimp," done 100% in Flash.
  • Educates aspiring animators with innovative step-by-step digital animation techniques.
  • Filled with interviews from veteran studio animators.
  • Full-color book loaded with incredible, original animation and artwork.
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Author Bio
Sandro Corsaro
Sandro Corsaro has worked as an animator in creative development for Warner Bros. Animation, MTV Networks, and Revolution Studios. He has lectured at conventions for SIGGRAPH, Flash Kit, and the Atlantic Film Festival, and is the author of The Flash Animator . He is an Art Director at Crest National, a worldwide leader in optical media manufacturing and he is co- founder of Teachtoons. com, an interactive educational site.
Clifford J. Parrott
Clifford J. Parrott is the creator of the multi-award-winning animated short, The Inbetweener, nominated for a Leo Award in 2000. He has worked on a Flash- animated feature film for Revolution Studios, episodic TV animation for Comedy Central, and broadcast commercials. He is the founder of Banga U. E. Animation Studio, which has produced animation for Adam Sandler and has created the series Surfy ¿s Law and Lumpies.
cover image - Hollywood 2D Digital Animation: The New Flash Production Revolution
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Animation
2. Basic Flash Animation Concepts
3. The Flash Production Pipeline
4. Drawing or Scanning
5. From Flash to Broadcast and Film
6. Time Is Money
7. Strategy of Character Design
8. Camera Moves
9. Special Effects
10. Audio
11. Brave New World