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Beyond Game Design, Nine Steps Towards Creating Better Videogames

Beyond Game Design, Nine Steps Towards Creating Better Videogames

ISBN 13: 9781584506713

ISBN 10: 1584506717

Author: Chris Bateman

Pages: 275

Published: 03/12/2009

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As a game designer, you are always looking for new ways to make a game unique and interesting. Beyond Game Design:Nine Steps Toward Creating Better Videogames shows you how to
make better video games by challenging you to think outside of conventional game design wisdom.Written as a series of essays by industry experts on different components of game theory and design, the book tackles the full spectrum of issues related to how and why players enjoy certain games. You’ll explore player emotions, patterns of play, gender and cultural diversity, accessibility issues, and various types of player skills. Providing practical, hands-on design tips and advice, as well as the theory and psychology behind how and why people play games, Beyond Game Design will help you tap into new player types and new ways to engage players as you discover how to make better, more successful videogames.
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  • Explores how and why people play games.
  • Provides easy-to-understand and practical game design tips and advice.
  • Written by eight industry experts who are well-known in their fields.
Author Bio
Chris Bateman
Chris Bateman is Managing Director of International Hobo, a specialist company in the field of market-oriented game design and narrative, and a noted game designer and writer. His games include Discworld Noir, Ghost Master and, Bratz: Rock Angels. He sits on the executive panel of the IGDA Game Writers¿ special interest group, and is also co-author of 21st Century Game Design.
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Table of Contents
Part I: Understand;

Step One: Understand Emotions;

Step Two: Understand Social Play;

Step Three: Understand Patterns of Play;

Step Four: Understand the Limits of Theory;

Part II: Include;

Step Five: Include Both Genders;

Step Six: Include Cultural Diversity;

Step Seven: Include Players with Accessibility Issues;

Step Eight: Include Players with Different Skills;

Step Nine: Include Structures that Adapt to Player Needs