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Visual Design Fundamentals, A Digital Approach

Visual Design Fundamentals, A Digital Approach

ISBN 13: 9781584505815

ISBN 10: 1584505818

Author: Alan Hashimoto; Mike Clayton

Pages: 424

Published: 01/16/2009

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As visual design technology and tools become more accessible and widely used, it is important for digital artists to learn and apply fundamental design techniques to their work. Visual Design Fundamentals: A Digital Approach, Third Edition provides a basic understanding of design and how it should be integrated into digitally-produced 2D images. Whatever the medium or techniques, good visuals are the result of planning, and this book shows you how to apply organization and the classic elements of design, including line, shape, form, value, color, and texture, to the latest technology. The techniques and theories presented can be applied to both traditional 2D art forms, such as drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as 3D art, such as interior and industrial design and architecture. Each chapter outlines and examines both content and form, and a variety of hands-on projects reinforces new skills and provides a digital representation of each concept being taught. The book has been updated with revised content and all new projects, and everything you need to complete the projects is provided in the book or on the accompanying CD-ROM.
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  • Written for beginner to intermediate artists and designers.
  • Shows readers how to apply classic design principles to modern technology using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • New skills are reinforced with end-of-chapter projects.
  • The accompanying CD-Rom contains all the files needed to complete the projects in the book plus additional tutorials and examples.
Author Bio
Alan Hashimoto
Alan Hashimoto (Logan, UT) is an associate professor in the field of graphic design and computer art at Utah State University. He has created over 400 nationally published visual design solutions for more than a hundred national and international corporations, advertising firms, and design studios.His design experience includes corporate identities, packaging, editorial layout, illustration, interactive design, and animation. He is also the author of the first edition of Visual Design Fundaments: A Digital Approach.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Design Elements.
Chapter 2: Principles Design Principles.
Chapter 3: Introduction to Content and Form: Problem Solving and the Digital Process.
Chapter 4: Design Project 1 (Part One): Abstraction Through Simplification.
Chapter 5: Design Project 1 (Part Two): Abstraction Through Repetition.
Chapter 6: Design Project 1 (Part Three): Abstraction Using Line and Shape.
Chapter 7: Design Project 1 (Part Four0: Abstraction Using Type Combination.
Chapter 8: Design Project 2: Using Methods of Abstraction to Create a Logo.
Chapter 9: Design Project 3: Figure Abstration and Nonobjective Shape.
Chapter 10: Design Project 4: Value.
Chapter 11: Design Project 5: Color and Color Theory.
Chapter 12: Design Project 6: Typeface Design.
Chapter 13: Design Project 7: Digital Montage/Collage