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Java for COBOL Programmers

Java for COBOL Programmers

ISBN 13: 9781584505655

ISBN 10: 1584505656

Author: John C. Byrne

Pages: 432

Published: 07/25/2008

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COBOL, one of the oldest programming languages in current use, still provides the framework for many vital business, finance, and administrative programs and systems that companies and governments use in day-to-day activities. Scores of organizations are deciding to replace these legacy systems, including their core business systems, with more modern ones written in Java. The people who support these systems are valuable repositories of business process information, and they know how computer systems are used to meet those business process requirements. But they often don’t know Java. That’s where this book comes in. Java for COBOL Programmers,Third Edition uses COBOL examples to teach object-oriented principles and Java syntax. Instead of describing the Java object concepts and syntax in the abstract, or based on references using C or C++ programming languages, Java for COBOL Programmers, Third Edition presents various object-oriented concepts first in a COBOL context, and then in the Java syntax that supports this concept.Then, after users are familiar with the underlying concepts, additional Java language rules are defined. For programmers trying to use Java in a real-world environment, this third edition has been updated to reflect the latest developments in the Java language and programming standards. Advances in the language, such as the new Generics feature, are covered. New alternatives for stream-based input and output processing methods are introduced, along with the latest XML processing options in Java. Also new in this edition is a chapter on the Eclipse graphical integrated development environment. This product is presented using a guided, step-by-step progression. You can use the chapter exercises to explore helpful Eclipse features, such as smart editing, debugging, and refactoring.
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  • Utilizes COBOL examples to teach object-oriented principles and Java Syntax.
  • Unlike many books that teach Java to novices, no knowledge of C or C++ is assumed.
  • Includes a completely new chapter on Eclipse.
  • Provides a companion CD which includes all the source code for the examples in the book, software downloads, and other helpful tools.
Author Bio
John C. Byrne
John C. Byrne has more than 27 years in the software industry and experience with more than 20 software languages. He is the author of Java for COBOL Programmers (Charles River Media) and co-author of Java for COBOL Programmers, Second Edition (Charles River Media).
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Table of Contents

Part I Introducing Java;

Chapter 1: Objects and Classes;
Chapter 2: Introducing the Java Development Environment;
Chapter 3: Messages and Methods;
Chapter 4: Class Members;
Chapter 5: Inheritance, Interfaces, and Polymorphism;

Part II Java's Syntax

Chapter 6: Java Syntax;
Chapter 7: Flow Control;
Chapter 8: StringsBuffers, StringBuilders, Numbers, and BigNumbers
Chapter 9: Exceptions, Threads, and Garbage Collectors;
Chapter 10: I/O in Java
Chapter 11: Java Collections
Chapter 12: Other Java Topics

Part III Introducing Enterprise Java

Chapter 13: Java Database Connectivity;
Chapter 14: Servlets and Java Server Pages;
Chapter 15: Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans;
Chapter 16: Introduction to XML;
Chapter 17: Introducing Eclipse;

Part IV Appendixes

Appendix A: About the CD-ROM;
Appendix B: Java Information Available Elsewhere;
Appendix C: Buzzwords;
Appendix D: Sun Microsystems, Inc.l