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21st Century Game Design

21st Century Game Design

ISBN 13: 9781584504290

ISBN 10: 1584504293

Author: Chris Bateman; Richard Boon

Pages: 332

Published: 08/29/2005

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21st Century Game Design is not just a book about game design. It's an answer to two important questions: who are we designing games for and how do we do it best? Written by industry pros, the book teaches designers how to design better games from a why perspective. All good designers know the fundamentals of how to design a game, but learning to design games that really satisfy your players takes more than technical skill. To do this successfully, you need to know your intended audience and understand their needs.

Throughout the book you'll learn about defining and investigating player needs. A model of play styles is then presented that was developed by applying psychological metrics to survey data and case studies. This model identifi es some of the core themes in player needs as represented by four player types-- Conqueror, Manager, Wanderer, and Participant.

In addition to discussing player needs, the book also explores how games can reach wider audiences by appealing to the interests of the core gaming community, and it considers the fundamental principles of game design. Methods such as interface design, structural elements, and game world abstractions are discussed in relation to the needs of the audience. The book does not attempt to present an absolute view of the craft of game design, but rather it demonstrates how an audience model can inform the design process and take the games industry forward at a time when it is facing a schism between the games that the audience would like to play, and the games the development community would like to make.

Game designers, producers, marketing executives, and anyone who wishes to understand the relationship between a game and its audience will find much to learn from 21st Century Game Design.
  • Teaches the "why" behind game design versus the "how-to"
  • Provides designers with an insightful approach to game design that teaches them how to understand their audiences
  • Covers fundamental principles of game design, including interface design, structural elements, and game world abstractions as they relate to the audience
  • Details an audience model that can help inform the design process in terms of player needs
  • Includes fresh insights for all levels of designers from newcomers to grizzled veterans
Author Bio
Chris Bateman
Chris Bateman is Managing Director of International Hobo, a specialist company in the field of market-oriented game design and narrative, and a noted game designer and writer. His games include Discworld Noir, Ghost Master and, Bratz: Rock Angels. He sits on the executive panel of the IGDA Game Writers¿ special interest group, and is also co-author of 21st Century Game Design.
Richard Boon
Richard Boon, one of the world¿s foremost game writers, has been involved in the development of dozens of games, and was a major source of information for the recent IGDA white paper on Game Writing. His articles have been published in the industry trade press and magazines, and he lectures on game writing and associated game design issues for writers in other media, and young writers looking to get into the field.
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Table of Contents
Introduction—by Ernest W. Adams

Part I Audience
Chapter 1 Zen Game Design
Chapter 2 Designing for the Market
Chapter 3 Myers-Briggs Typology and Gamers
Chapter 4 The DGD1 Demographic Model
Chapter 5 Player Abilities

Part II Design
Chapter 6 Foundations of Game Design
Chapter 7 Principles of Interface Design
Chapter 8 Game World Abstraction
Chapter 9 Avatar Abstractions
Chapter 10 Game Structures
Chapter 11 Action Game Genres
Chapter 12 Genres: Quest, Strategy, and Simulation
Chapter 13 The Evolution of Games: Originality and Chreodes