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Algorithms Sequential & Parallel, A Unified Approach

Algorithms Sequential & Parallel, A Unified Approach

ISBN 13: 9781584504122

ISBN 10: 1584504129

Author: Russ Miller; Laurence Boxer

Pages: 382

Published: 08/03/2005

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With multi-core processors replacing traditional processors and the movement to multiprocessor workstations and servers, parallel computing has moved from a specialty area to the core of computer science. In order to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to problems, algorithms must be designed for multiprocessor systems. Algorithms Sequential and Parallel: A Unified Approach 2/E provides a state-of-the-art approach to an algorithms course. The book considers algorithms, paradigms, and the analysis of solutions to critical problems for sequential and parallel models of computation in a unified fashion. This gives practicing engineers and scientists, undergraduates, and beginning graduate students a background in algorithms for sequential and parallel algorithms within one text. Prerequisites include fundamentals of data structures, discrete mathematics, and calculus.
  • Discusses practical applications of algorithms (e.g., efficient methods to solve critical problems in computational geometry, image processing, graph theory, and scientific computing)
  • Provides information updated from the previous edition, including discussions of coarse-grained parallel computing
  • Mathematical tools are developed in the early chapters
  • Includes exercises at the end of each chapter that vary in difficulty, from confidence-building problems to research-oriented problems
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Asymptotic Analysis
Chapter 2 Induction and Recursion
Chapter 3 The Master Method
Chapter 4 Combinational Circuits
Chapter 5 Models of Computation
Chapter 6 Matrix Operations
Chapter 7 Parallel Prefix
Chapter 8 Pointer Jumping
Chapter 9 Divide-and-Conquer
Chapter 10 Computational Geometry
Chapter 11 Image Processing
Chapter 12 Graph Algorithms
Chapter 13 Numerical Problems