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The Game Asset Pipeline

The Game Asset Pipeline

ISBN 13: 9781584503422

ISBN 10: 1584503424

Author: Ben Carter

Pages: 302

Published: 09/03/2004

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  • Provides detailed coverage of the entire asset building process, from source content through to final game disc files
  • Details how to build and maintain an efficient asset management system, using either existing products or a custom solution
  • Includes examples of commonly-needed asset processing tasks, with implementation details and strategies
  • Covers the processes and tools tailored to the specialized needs of game development teams
  • Teaches how to use dependence maintenance and smart build tools to ensure game assets are processed and integrated as efficiently as possible
cover image - The Game Asset Pipeline
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Where Do Assets Come From?
3 A High-Level View of Asset Management
4 Building an Asset Management System
5 Texture and Image Processing
6 Geometry Processing
7 Audio and Video Processing
8 Environment Processing
9 Managing Asset Processing
10 Final Data