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The Game Asset Pipeline

The Game Asset Pipeline

ISBN 13: 9781584503422

ISBN 10: 1584503424

Author: Ben Carter

Pages: 302

Published: 09/03/2004

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Many of today's computer games are mega productions with huge teams and budgets, vast quantities of content, and crunched schedules. Getting these games to market is not an easy feat. Just managing the creation of content and getting that content into the right place at the right time is an enormous challenge. Hundreds of development hours are lost dealing with asset and pipeline issues, so the need for a working system is immense. The Game Asset Pipeline is written for tools programmers, producers, and managers who need to know how to create such a system. The solutions and ideas presented in the book cover current technology and methods that can be used to design and implement an asset management system.
  • Provides detailed coverage of the entire asset building process, from source content through to final game disc files
  • Details how to build and maintain an efficient asset management system, using either existing products or a custom solution
  • Includes examples of commonly-needed asset processing tasks, with implementation details and strategies
  • Covers the processes and tools tailored to the specialized needs of game development teams
  • Teaches how to use dependence maintenance and smart build tools to ensure game assets are processed and integrated as efficiently as possible
Author Bio
Ben Carter
Ben Carter (Guildford, England) has been writing about the games industry and other topics since 1995. His articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers, including Edge, Super Play, The Irish Times, G4 Ireland, Manga Max, Game Developer, Develop, and CTW. He has also contributed to the Eurogamer Web site and was a speaker at ECTS/GDC Europe 2003. Since 1997, he has been working in various areas of game development, most recently as an engine/technology programmer on titles including Battle Engine Aquila and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
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Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Where Do Assets Come From?
3 A High-Level View of Asset Management
4 Building an Asset Management System
5 Texture and Image Processing
6 Geometry Processing
7 Audio and Video Processing
8 Environment Processing
9 Managing Asset Processing
10 Final Data