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Game Programming GEMS 3

Game Programming GEMS 3

ISBN 13: 9781584502333

ISBN 10: 1584502339

Author: Dante Treglia

Pages: 663

Published: 07/25/2002

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The journey continues with this ALL NEW volume in the Game Programming Gems series! As with the first two volumes, a dynamic group of some of the best game programmers in the industry have generously joined together to share their insights and techniques. Their ready-to-use ideas, tips, and solutions, will help save hours of programming time, prevent redundancy, and leave you with more time to add cutting-edge features to your own games.

Covering all the key areas of game development, this invaluable resource delves deep into the problems often encountered by programmers, and provides practical, valid solutions. Each section is edited by an expert in the field to ensure that the ideas are original, accurate, and useful for a variety of game development projects. In addition to covering Mathematics, Graphics, General Programming, Audio, and Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming Gems 3 also includes an all new section on Network and Multiplayer games.

This is a must-have reference, and series, for every game developer. If you are just getting started, this book offers a true cross-section of the challenges youíll face, and provides a variety of additional references to help you find all the resources you need to advance your skills and knowledge. If youíre an expert already, youíll find new ideas and techniques to help save plenty of valuable programming time.
  • An ALL NEW collection of original tools for game programmers!
  • Comprehensive coverage of all key development areas
  • New section covering Network and Multiplayer games
  • CD-ROM is packed with portable source code in C & C++. Most of the techniques will work in OpenGL and Linux, however, there are some techniques which will only work on Windows/Xbox/DirectX.
Author Bio
Dante Treglia
Dante Treglia is the lead software engineer at Nintendo of America's Software Development Support Group where he supports the Nintendo GameCube development community.
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Table of Contents
Rectangle Navigation
A Highly Efficient Alternative to A*
Function Pointer-Based Embedded Finite State Machines
Terrain Analysis in an RTS; Character Virtualization
A Fast Approach to Navigation Meshes
A General Trigger System for AI Entities, Objects, and Quests
Optimized Machine Learning Techniques
Tactical Pathfinding Using A*

Obstruction Using Axes-Aligned Bounding Boxes
Compression and Effects Using Linear Predictive Coding
Using DSP to Create Dynamic Engine Sounds
Creating a Compelling 3D Audio Environment
Compressing Audio with Vector Quantization
Using the Biquad Resonant Filter

Developing Games for an International Market
A Platform Independent Function Binding Interface
Autolists: Allowing Trivial Listing of Object Instances
Handle-Based Smart Pointers
Programming a Game Design-Compliant Engine using

A Compiler for Programmable Vertex Shading Hardware
Using Textures to Approximate a Mathematic Function
Computing Optimized Shadow Volumes for Complex Data Sets
Billboard Beams; Subdivision Surfaces for Character Animation Mathematics
A Fast Approximation to the Slerp() Function
Clipping a Convex Polyhedron Against a Plane
A Naming Convention for Transformation Matrices
Base-2 Logarithm Utility Functions (C++)
Constrained Inverse Kinematics
Quaternion Compression
Coping with Friction in Dynamical Simulations

Network and Multiplayer Games
A UDP Monitoring and Simulation Tool
(Algorithms for) Player Skill Estimates and Rating
Wireless Gaming with J2ME
Multiplayer Game Development Using Microsoft DirectPlay 8.1
Real-Time-Strategy Network Protocol
Template-Based Object Serialization
Reducing Latency in Real-time Strategy Games
Large-Scale Multiplayer Servers
Secure Sockets
A Flexible Simulation Architecture for Mass Multi-Player Games