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Figures, Characters and Avatars, The Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio™ to Create Beautiful Art

Figures, Characters and Avatars, The Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio™ to Create Beautiful Art

ISBN 13: 9781435461208

ISBN 10: 1435461207

Author: Les Pardew

Pages: 192

Published: 05/01/2012

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Unlock the 3D artist in you using the incredible power of DAZ Studio and other great tools created by DAZ 3D. You'll discover how to construct, move, and pose figures, how to use lighting to make your art look lifelike, and even how to make the characters you create talk. Offering comprehensive coverage of the DAZ Studio software, FIGURES, CHARACTERS, AND AVATARS, SECOND EDITION: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO USING DAZ STUDIO TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL ART will help you become a better artist and show you how to stretch your imagination as you make unique digital art and animation. Included in the book is a gallery of images created by DAZ Studio users.
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  • NEW EDITION COVERS THE LATEST DAZ STUDIO™ IN DEPTH. Now readers can learn to maximize all of the latest tools, content, and features with this edition's coverage of the latest, no-cost DAZ Studio™ 4.0 program. Version 4.0 is filled with features and updat
  • BOOK INCLUDES FULL VERSION OF MOST RECENT DAZ STUDIO™ 4.0 SOFTWARE. As the official guidebook to utilizing DAZ Studio™, the edition is accompanied by a full version of the 4.0 no-cost software. Readers learn how to best use this feature-rich, 3D figure posing and animation tool. Instructions and the software enable users of any skill level to easily create stunning digital imagery. DAZ Studio™ provides the perfect tool for designing unique digital art and animation with virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, and more.
  • PROVEN PRESENTATION WRITTEN BY ACCOMPLISHED AUTHOR AND ARTIST. Author and instructor Les Pardew uses his extensive first-hand experience as a recognized leader in the world of interactive entertainment to focus on what readers need to know most. Les' art
  • NUMEROUS IMAGES OFFER INSPIRATION. This inspiring, engaging book offers a wealth of appealing images to browse and spark the imagination of readers.
  • APPROACH IS IDEAL FOR HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE STUDENTS. The book's clear presentation, written by highly respected graphic designer and art instructor from Brigham Young University's Les Pardew, provides what high school and college students need for succe
  • PROVEN PRESENTATION PROVIDES STUNNING RESULTS FOR BEGINNERS AS WELL AS SEASONED ARTISTS. Users of any skill level learn how to easily create stunning digital imagery. The author demonstrates that readers don't have to be experienced artists to have or acq
  • SIMPLE, INVITING WRITING STYLE OFFERS EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. All information is clearly presented in lesson format, making it easy to follow and track progress.
  • BOOK AND ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE CONTAINS EVERYTHING THE READER NEEDS. This comprehensive how-to guide with the official accompanying DAZ Studio™ 4.0 provides everything today's artist needs to immediately begin creating traditional media or building 3D ava
Author Bio
Les Pardew
Les Pardew is a recognized leader in the world of interactive entertainment. He is a video game and entertainment industry veteran with more 20 years of industry experience. His artwork credits encompass film and video production, magazine and book illustration, and more than 100 video game titles, including numerous market-leading choices. Les has also authored or co-authored 13 books on game art and game design for teens, digital art and 2D and 3D animation, drawing, and virtual models. Les started his career in video games doing animation for Magic Johnson Fast Break Basketball for the Commodore 64, He went on to help create several major games, including Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Star Wars, Wrestle Mania, NCAA Basketball, Stanley Cup Hockey, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Where in the World/USA is Carmen Sandiego?, StarCraft Brood Wars, Rainbow Six, Cyber Tiger Woods Golf, and many others. An accomplished instructor, Les has taught numerous art and business courses, including teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management. As a business leader, Les has founded two separate game development studios. He is also a favorite speaker at video game conferences and events.
cover image - Figures, Characters and Avatars, The Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio™ to Create Beautiful Art
Table of Contents
1. What can be created in DAZ Studio™ .
2. The basics.
3. The scene and camera.
4. The figure.
5. Morphs and how they work.
6. Dressing the figure.
7. Posing the figure.
8. Props, backgrounds.
9. figures to look natural.
10. Lighting the mode.
11. Using models for drawing.
12. Basic animation, key-frames.
13. Lip-synch.
14. Adding emotion to animation.
Appendix: Art gallery.
Sample Chapters