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Character Development And Storytelling For Games

Character Development And Storytelling For Games

ISBN 13: 9781435461048

ISBN 10: 1435461045

Author: Lee Sheldon

Pages: 496

Published: 04/03/2013

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Written by a professional game writers who also teaches his craft, Lee Sheldon combines his experience and expertise in this updated edition of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND STORYTELLING FOR GAMES. New examples, new game types, and new challenges throughout the text highlight the fundamental importance of characters and storytelling in every type of game. Sheldon emphasizes the importance of creative instinct and listening to the inner voice that guides successful game designers and writers. Join him on his quest to instruct, inform, and maybe even inspire your next great game.
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  • The gold standard text on character development and storytelling in game design, this new edition addresses significant industry changes while continuing to focus on the fundamentals.
  • This substantially revised edition includes information on the rise of casual games, social games, applied games, and real world games.
  • Examples throughout the book have been updated to reflect the gaming industry's growing emphasis on characters and storytelling in all types of games.
  • Written in an easy-to-read style for casual readers but still full of detail for advanced and professional designers, the book covers all types of games from AAA titles to casual social games.
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND STORYTELLING FOR GAMES, SECOND EDITION is the first--and most in-depth--book of its kind to deal specifically with writing for games.
  • The author is the writer and designer of many well-known games.
Author Bio
Lee Sheldon
Lee Sheldon is Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has written and designed more than two dozen commercial and applied video games and MMOs. His most recent book from Course Technology PTR is The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game. Lee began his academic career at Indiana University, where he instituted the practice of designing classes as multiplayer games, and wrote and designed the alternate reality games in the Skeleton Chase series. Most recently, Lee was lead writer/designer on three games based on Agatha Christie novels, lead writer on Star Trek: Infinite Space, and lead writer on Zynga's Facebook game Indiana Jones Adventure World and an upcoming Kinect game for Harmonix. He is head of the team that is building the Emergent Reality Lab at Rensselaer, a mixed reality space for research and education; lead writer and design consultant on a game teaching math; and lead writer/designer of games teaching Chinese and business ethics. Before his career in video games, Lee wrote and produced over 200 popular television shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Charlie's Angels.
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Table of Contents
1. Myths and Equations.
2. The Story Remains the Same.
3. Respecting Characters.
4. Character Roles.
5. Character Traits.
6. Character Encounters.
7. Once Upon a Time.
8. Respecting Story.
9. Bringing the Story to Life.
10. Story Chiropractics.
11. Editing.
12. The Roots of a New Storytelling.
13. Modular Storytelling.
14. Types vs. Genres.
15. Console Games.
16. Casual Games.
17. Social Games.
18. Virtual Worlds.
19. Applied (Serious) Games.
20. Real World Games.
21. The Responsible Writer.
Appendix A. Opinionated Bibliography.
Appendix B. Developer Primer on Building Writing Teams.