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Fearless Photographer, Film in the Digital Era

Fearless Photographer, Film in the Digital Era

ISBN 13: 9781435460911

ISBN 10: 143546091X

Author: Joseph Prezioso; Ingrid Nelson

Pages: 256

Published: 01/01/2012

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Shooting film is not for the faint of heart—or at least that’s what many photographers who have grown up shooting digital think. But maybe you’re ready to set aside your trepidation and take the leap into the mysterious world of film. If so, let Fearless Photographer: Film in the Digital Era be your guide. This is not a book on how to develop and process film, although those topics are covered to an extent. Rather, it’s a primer on how to shoot film—how to create breathtaking images on a medium that until recently, many believed to be a relic of the past. But film is making a resurgence, not only as a niche area of the field, but also as a way for any shooter to capture tangible images that won’t be lost to future generations, relegated to long forgotten memory cards or defunct hard drives. Filled with easy-to-understand explanations and countless photographic examples, FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHER: FILM IN THE DIGITAL ERA will walk you through making the transition from digital shooting to film shooting. At the end of the book, a series of film-shooting assignments will give you hands-on practice in this new-to-you medium.
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  • "HOW-TO" APPROACH PROVIDES CLEAR DIRECTION FOR SHOOTING FILM. The book introduces film, its varying formats and the beauty that this format can provide. Readers also gain professional insights, how-to tips, and clear instruction for proper exposure and better images. The authors also discuss instant photography and how to utilize Polaroid, the Impossible Project, and Fuji Instax instant cameras.
  • CANDID COMPARISON INTRODUCES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF FILM. The book candidly compares the differences of film versus digital and explores the pros and cons of both methods. The authors present side-by-side 35mm and digital images for direct comparison and discussion.
  • AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTS BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS. This book is designed to create and inspire better photographers. Many of the basic photography skills, insights and tips throughout the book focus on improving creativity and technique whether the reader is shooting film or using a digital camera.
  • CURRENT COVERAGE ACQUAINTS READERS WITH THE LATEST DIGITAL WORKFLOW. The author demonstrates how readers can enjoy the creativity and advantages that film offers, while still maximizing the conveniences of the modern digital workflow. Readers learn how to transition film from the camera to the computer screen. The book discusses developing as well as scanning and digital editing.
  • PRESENTATION INSPIRES PHOTOGRAPHERS TO IMPROVE IMAGES AND APPLY CREATIVITY TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS. Captivating images and inspiring examples of creativity encourage today's photographers to take better photos and think outside the box.
  • COVERAGE FAMILIARIZES READERS WITH THE POWER OF BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY. An entire section discusses the different kinds of black and white film. Readers review the various grains, the contrast, and push/pull qualities of black and white film.
  • BOOK INTRODUCES NEW TECHNIQUES IN PHOTOGRAPHY. The authors draw from their current, successful photography businesses to highlight some of today's most progressive new photography techniques for shooting film.
  • COVERAGE DIRECTS READERS IN PURCHASES OF OLD OR NEW FILM CAMERAS. Readers gain the insights needed to better understand the wealth of vintage, used and new film cameras available today. The book examines numerous cameras, how they function, and their individual strengths and weaknesses. Readers discover details on Canon 1v, Nikon f5, Leica, Rangefinder, XPan, Pentax 645, Pentax 6x7, and Contax 645.
  • INTRIGUING ACTUAL ASSIGNMENTS PROVIDE CHALLENGES FOR READERS TO COMPLETE. A number of challenging, interesting assignments give readers or students of photography the opportunity to better themselves as photographers and film shooters. Assignments cover landscapes, kids, and people/faces/models, home, city, beach, travel, still life, studio shooting, and wedding photographs.
  • COVERAGE OF SUPER 8MM HIGHLIGHTS SHOOTING MOVIES ON FILM. A dedicated section on Super 8MM provides unique assignments that walk readers through editing Super 8MM in HD and creating a DVD.
Author Bio
Joseph Prezioso
Joseph Salvatore Prezioso began shooting at age 16 as a stringer for a local chain of newspapers, learning to shoot on the streets next to some of Boston’s best Globe and AP photographers. He was there before digital took over and learned to shoot on film before switching to digital. Today, Joseph has switched back to film after many years of shooting digital. He is a successful wedding photographer, shooting weddings entirely on film. Joseph is also the author of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHER: WEDDINGS. His goal in life is to push boundaries and stay creative.
Ingrid Nelson
Ingrid Nelson is a professional photographer living in the foothills of Northern California. The daughter of two painters, she fell into artistic expression quite easily and started taking her first photos around the age of 10. She started shooting professionally in 2002, when she created her business, Myrtle & Marjoram. Since then, many weddings and moments later, she finds herself still inspired by the lens and the world around her. Oh, and she still shoots film.
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Table of Contents
1. Welcome to Film Land.
2. Cameras: Tools of the Trade.
3. Camera Tech and Maintenance.
4. Current Film Stocks.
5. The Hybrid Workflow.
6. Developing.
7. Pushing Film.
8. Movie Films for Still.
9. Ingrid’s Turn: Prints.
10. Weddings on Film.
11. Assignments.
12. The End?
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