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Working with Audio

Working with Audio

ISBN 13: 9781435460553

ISBN 10: 1435460553

Author: Stanley R. Alten

Pages: 320

Published: 09/15/2011

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Written by highly respected author Stanley R. Alten, WORKING WITH AUDIO provides readers with a fundamental understanding of the principles, technology, and techniques of audio production. This book covers the basics of audio production techniques in radio, TV, music, and new media, with special emphasis on the fundamentals of sound and recording, acoustics, equipment, editing, mixing, and much more. Because the material is not medium-specific, readers can apply the techniques learned to sound production in any of the major audio and audio/visual media.
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  • WORKING WITH AUDIO breaks the subject down into its fundamental components, beginning with the nature of sound and hearing and moving progressively across the spectrum of audio- and recording-related topics, from microphones through mixing.
  • Each chapter is preceded by an outline of its main headings and concludes with a list of its main points. In addition, the author includes extensive illustrations in each chapter to further reinforce the written information.
  • Completely up to date and comprehensive in scope, the book offers step-by-step instruction on everything from the fundamentals of sound to the intricacies of recording and producing in a professional studio setting.
Author Bio
Stanley R. Alten
Stanley R. Alten teaches audio production, TV/film aesthetics, writing, and criticism. Before joining the Syracuse University faculty, he worked in radio and television as a producer, writer, sound designer, performer, and station manager in numerous markets, including Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. He also has many film and record production credits and continues to be professionally active through his own production company. Alten is an internationally recognized authority in sound production. He is the author of AUDIO IN MEDIA, the leading audio-production text in North America for more than two decades. The book has been translated into Spanish, Korean, German, and Chinese. Recently, Alten authored a brief version of it titled AUDIO BASICS, also published with Cengage Learning. Other writing credits include AUDIO AND MEDIA: THE RECORDING STUDIO, which focuses on music recording. He also has written many articles for the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RADIO, WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA (for which he served as audio editor), and the INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EDUCATION, 2nd Edition. He has been honored for teaching excellence by the Outstanding Educators of America, Alpha Epsilon Rho, and the National Science Foundation.
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Table of Contents
1. Behavior of Sound.
2. The Ear and Hearing.
3. Perception of Sound.
4. Studio and Control Room Design.
5. Monitoring.
6. Microphones.
7. Microphone Techniques.
8. Mixers, Consoles, and Control Surfaces.
9. Recording.
10. Synchronization and Transfers.
11. Signal Processors.
12. Editing.
13. Mixing.
14. Internet Audio.
15. Influences of Sound on Meaning.
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