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From Passion to Execution: How to Start and Grow an Effective Nonprofit Organization

From Passion to Execution: How to Start and Grow an Effective Nonprofit Organization

ISBN 13: 9781435460126

ISBN 10: 143546012X

Author: Lyn Scott

Pages: 320

Published: 03/30/2012

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Transform your vision and passion as you learn how to effectively start, grow, and lead a nonprofit organization with this practical, inspiring guide. FROM PASSION TO EXECUTION: HOW TO START AND GROW AN EFFECTIVE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION combines meaningful, real examples and insights, based on the author's extensive experience, with a high-energy, powerful presentation that equips you with the confidence to follow your dream of starting a nonprofit organization. This reader-friendly book provides specific how-to steps to start a nonprofit organization with a focus on long term sustainability. The author shows you how to set the ground work, from exploring your personal passion and effectively articulating a mission statement to building a solid board. You also learn how to communicate vision, design programs, ignite volunteers, assemble the right business team, craft a strategic plan, seek supporters, and navigate differing personalities as the organization grows. Finally, you learn to assess results and adjust plans to effectively manage and continue to lead a successful organization.
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  • Provides specific steps and plan of action to starting a non-profit organization.
  • Teaches how to direct your passions into creating and growing organization that makes a difference in today's times.
  • Explains how to assemble a cohesive, effective board with members who share your vision.
  • Details the keys to building a strong organizational foundation.
  • Highlights how to engage and motivate others to further your vision.
Author Bio
Lyn Scott
Lyn Scott currently serves as Vice President/CFO of Tarrant County Samaritan Housing, Inc. The social service organization provides supportive services and housing for its clients. Additionally, Ms. Scott served as Chief Operating Officer of a nationally chartered history museum and educational institution. With a career focus in business operations, her extensive professional experience encompasses banking, manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations. Scott is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University, and she recently received her MBA from Texas Woman's University. Driven by a passion for volunteerism and community activism, Lyn has held volunteer positions at several local charities.
cover image - From Passion to Execution:  How to Start and Grow an Effective Nonprofit Organization
Table of Contents
1. Passion and Purpose: Gifts of Non-Profit Organizations.
2. Doing Your Homework--Testing Your Ideas.
3. Five Key Ingredients for Starting a Successful Non-Profit Organization.
4. Assembling Your Board.
5. Applying for Incorporation.
6. What's the Big Deal about Bylaws?
7. A Closer Look at Board Governance.
8. Nurturing a Giving Board.
9. The Ins and Outs of 501(c)(3) Status.
10. Dealing with Insurance and Liabilities.
11. Background Checks, Schedules, and Salaries.
12. Keeping the Books for Your Non-Profit Organization.
13. What Kind of Reporting Do You Need?
14. Here Come the Auditors.
15. Communications.
16. Hiring: Finding the Right Fit for the Job.
17. Building and Managing a Volunteer Corps.
18. Knowing When to Partner.
19. Planning, Managing, and Assessing Your Programs.
20. Raising Funds for Your Organization.
21. Building Your Audience through Newsletters and More.
22. Crowd Appeal: Special Events.
23. Social Media and Your Viral Message.
24. Troubleshooting Everything, Making Adjustments, and Preparing for the Future.
Appendix. Templates to Get You Started.
Sample Chapters