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Music Copyright Law

Music Copyright Law

ISBN 13: 9781435459724

ISBN 10: 1435459725

Author: David J. Moser; Cheryl L. Slay

Pages: 304

Published: 12/05/2011

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Gain an in-depth understanding of a topic that is vital to the success of anyone in or entering the music industry, with MUSIC COPYRIGHT LAW. From songwriters and performers to managers, producers, and agents – everyone is affected by the issues covered in this book. Avoiding the technical jargon and "lawyerspeak" that bogs down other books on the subject, the book explores the world of copyright law and hones in on how it applies to music. It begins by building a foundational knowledge of the fundamentals of copyright law, what it protects, the benefits of registering a copyright, and what to do when copyright has been infringed. Once the fundamentals are established, coverage expands to include controversies involving copyright and music in the digital age and the debates over online music. Packed with practical examples that bring complex concepts to life, this book is a must-have for any professional in or entering music business.
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  • Packed with newer, more current and illustrative examples, providing contextual relevance for key concepts.
  • Updated with new developments in copyright law so readers can feel confident they are getting the most up-to-date information available.
  • Adds credibility with an author team that consists of two acknowledged and known experts in the field.
  • Facilitates comprehension with an easy-to-read, straightforward writing style.
  • Translates complex concepts into concrete terms with real-world examples.
Author Bio
David J. Moser
David Moser is a professor in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont University where he teaches courses in Intellectual Properties, Legal Issues in the Music Industry, Music Publishing, and Multimedia Law. Moser is also an attorney with more than ten years of experience in intellectual property and entertainment law. He represents clients such as record companies, music publishers, songwriters, recording artists, producers, managers, and Internet businesses. He also teaches an online copyright course at UCLA Extension School and is a recipient of a Fulbright Scholar Award to conduct research on intellectual property piracy in the Philippines. Moser is a frequent guest speaker and panelist at music industry and legal education seminars and operates a website at
Cheryl L. Slay
Cheryl L. Slay is an Entertainment and Intellectual Property Attorney and Assistant Professor of Music Business at Belmont University. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law, a Master of Public Administration from Atlanta University, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, and completed the Harvard Law School Program of Continuing Education for Lawyers in International & Comparative Intellectual Property. In addition to serving as a professor, Ms. Slay is an attorney with over 10 years of experience in copyright and entertainment law, providing representation for musicians, independent record companies and filmmakers, and other entertainment industry professionals. Her professional affiliations include selection as a Maryland Bar Foundation Fellow and as an alumna of the 2010 class of Leadership Music. Ms. Slay's art and entertainment perspective is enhanced by her career as a performing artist. She is a skilled vocalist with over 20 years of performance experience, as well as studio experience that includes work on her own recording project. For additional information about Ms. Slay, visit her website at
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Table of Contents
1. What is Copyright?
2. The History of Copyright.
3. What Can Be Protected by Copyright?
4. Ownership of Copyright.
5. The Reproduction Right.
6. The Derivative and Distribution Rights.
7. Public Performance and Display Rights.
8. Duration of Copyright.
9. Copyright Formalities.
10. Infringement of Copyright.
11. Defenses to Infringement.
12. Remedies for Copyright Infringement.
13. International Copyright Protection.
14. Copyright and Digital Technology.
15. The Online Music War.
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