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Job Hunting After 50

Job Hunting After 50

ISBN 13: 9781435459090

ISBN 10: 1435459091

Author: Carol Silvis

Pages: 208

Published: 02/07/2011

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The good news is that companies do hire mature workers. The bad news is that many baby boomer job seekers do not know how to carry out a modern job search or present themselves to employers in the way that best represents their background. Ineffective resumes, job searches, and interviews can derail anyone's job search, but they can completely shut out the mature job applicant. Job Hunting After 50 will prepare you with a plan of action to carry out an effective job search to get the job you want. It covers self-assessment of skills and qualifications, preparing a resume for today's market, dressing with style, using technology to find a job, identifying common mistakes made by job seekers over 50 and how to avoid them, and interviewing skills. Emphasis is placed on updating skills, improving energy level and attitude, and determining where the best jobs are for this age group. Commit the necessary time to finding a job, but work smarter by following the principles in Job Hunting After 50.
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  • Guides persons over fifty years of age seeking a job through the new job hunting tools of job boards, online applications, electronic resumes, professional networking sites, etc.
  • Written by an experienced author who has taught training courses to adults re-entering the workplace and has three published titles on career topics
  • Features effective resumes and cover letters for job seekers over 50.
  • Provides information on the best strategies to employ during a job hunt for those over the age of 50, current interview techniques, where the jobs are for Baby Boomer workers and how to overcome the stigmas older workers face during the job hunt.
  • Provides the best strategies to employ during a job hunt for those over the age of 50.
  • Explains the new job hunting tools of job boards, online applications, electronic resumes, professional networking sites, and more.
  • Features tips for creating effective resumes and drafting persuasive cover letters for job seekers over 50.
Author Bio
Carol Silvis
Carol Silvis is the author of 101 Ways to Connect with Customers, Chiefs, and Co-Workers, Job Hunting After 50, 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work, and college textbooks 100% Externship Success and General Office Procedures. Other publications include "Time Management and Organization for Writers" (2012 Writers Market), a dozen creative non-fiction stories and inspirational pieces published in national magazines, and over 40 articles published in various newsletters. Ms. Silvis has a master's degree in education and has trained adults in how to get a job, keep and enjoy it, and advance on the job. She teaches part time at Penn State's New Kensington campus and leads workshops and seminars for schools, businesses, professional organizations, and libraries on job hunting, resume preparation, customer service, stress management, telephone techniques, human relations/teamwork, communication, writing, and time management/organization. She is the president of Pennwriters, a 400+- member writing group. She won the 2008 Meritorious Service Award, was past VP and Authors' Advocate, and was the 2005 and 2007 Conference Coordinator.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Is There a Job After 50?
1. What Skills and Qualifications Set You Apart?
2. Resumes and Employment Letters.
3. Using Technology to Find Employment.
4. Networking.
5. Attitude, Energy, and Dressing for Success.
6. Mistakes Job Seekers Over 50 Make.
7. Where is the Demand for Over 50 Employees?
8. Create a Success Plan.
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