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Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics

Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics

ISBN 13: 9781435458864

ISBN 10: 1435458869

Author: Eric Lengyel

Pages: 624

Published: 06/02/2011

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Sooner or later, all game programmers run into coding issues that require an understanding of mathematics or physics concepts such as collision detection, 3D vectors, transformations, game theory, or basic calculus. Unfortunately, most programmers frequently have a limited understanding of these essential mathematics and physics concepts. MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS FOR PROGRAMMERS, THIRD EDITION provides a simple but thorough grounding in the mathematics and physics topics that programmers require to write algorithms and programs using a non-language-specific approach. Applications and examples from game programming are included throughout, and exercises follow each chapter for additional practice. The book's companion website provides sample code illustrating the mathematical and physics topics discussed in the book.
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  • Provides new or enhanced coverage of concatenation, animation, moving from quaternions to matrices and matrices to quaternions, cameras, and ray tracing in relation to translation.
  • Suitable for advanced game programmers.
  • Provides explanations of the mathematics involved in current 3D game engines.
  • Topics are treated conceptually, so the reader gets the basic story, mathematically, of how a given effect is achieved, and the story is told in practical, game-oriented terms.
  • Numerous examples illustrate how events are coded and what results.
Author Bio
Eric Lengyel
Eric Lengyel is a veteran of the computer games industry with over 16 years of experience writing game engines. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Davis and an MS in Mathematics from Virginia Tech. Eric is the founder of Terathon Software, where he currently leads ongoing development of the C4 Engine.
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Table of Contents
1. The Rendering Pipeline.
2. Vectors.
3. Matrices.
4. Transforms.
5. 3D Engine Geometry.
6. Ray Tracing.
7. Illumination.
8. Visibility Determination.
9. Collision Detection.
10. Polygonal Techniques.
11. Shadows.
12. Linear Physics.
13. Rotational Physics.
14. Fluid Simulation.
15. Numerical Methods.
16. Curves and Surfaces.
Appendix A: Complex Numbers.
Appendix B: Trigonometry Reference.
Appendix C: Coordinate Systems.
Appendix D: Taylor Series.
Appendix E: Answers to Exercises.
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