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Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

ISBN 13: 9781435458840

ISBN 10: 1435458842

Author: Lindsay Adler

Pages: 256

Published: 02/10/2011

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FASHION FLAIR FOR PORTRAIT AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY shows photographers how to apply the concepts of fashion photography, including preparation, styling, props, lighting, posing, and post-processing, to their portrait and wedding photography. This practical guide demonstrates how using fashion photography concepts and ideas in your work helps you stand out against your competition, grow your business, and make your work more lucrative. You'll learn how to prepare for a shoot, including choosing the location, wardrobe, hair, makeup styling, and poses, as well as considering the lighting and equipment. You'll also find in-camera techniques, fashion lighting essentials, Photoshop techniques, and a variety of other tricks to achieve the fashion flair aesthetic. Finally, you'll discover business and marketing tips, including useful social networking sites, products, and services to help you maximize the fashion flair approach and make it work for you. By offering portrait and wedding clients something unique, they'll seek you out for striking and powerful imagery that really stands out and offers an experience they won't forget.
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  • There are no other books on the market that take this approach to fashion imagery. This book takes the concepts of fashion photography and makes it a PRACTICAL guide for photographers to use these concepts on their everyday clients.
  • Written for professional or aspiring professional photographers who are looking for a way to differentiate their work from the competition.
  • Covers everything from the concepts of fashion photography, to marketing techniques, to Photoshop techniques. Any photographer interested in interesting portraiture, whether beginner or advanced professional, can find something useful in this book to help them achieve their artistic and/or professional goals. photography with digital SLR cameras.
Author Bio
Lindsay Adler
Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer. She is passionate about photography and enjoys creating surreal fashion editorials that allow her to take her dreams and fantasies and turn them into beautiful realities. Lindsay spends the majority of her time working on fashion editorials, running a portrait studio, and writing articles for a variety of publications. She is a regular contributor to "Popular Photography," "Shutterbug Magazine" and "Apogee Photo." Lindsay also teaches photography workshops and lectures at professional photography organizations, photo conferences and other international photo events. She has photographed in more than two dozen countries. Over the years, Lindsay has received many awards for her photography including Hearst awards for photojournalism and College Photographer of the Year awards for her fashion work. She has received honors or scholarships from the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), and Syracuse University where she received her college degree.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Why Fashion Flair?
1. Preparation:
2. Location.
3. Styling.
4. Props.
5. Posing.
6. Equipment.
7. In Camera Techniques.
8. Lensbaby.
9. Experimenting.
10. Analyze the Light.
11. Natural Light.
12. Studio Lighting.
13. Flash, Studio on Location.
14. Post-Processing.
15. Business Practices.
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