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Crystal Reports 2011 for Developers

Crystal Reports 2011 for Developers

ISBN 13: 9781435457966

ISBN 10: 143545796X

Author: Cynthia Moore

Pages: 528

Published: 08/25/2011

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Crystal Reports 2011 is a powerful software tool for turning raw data into corporate decision-making information. End-users and report developers alike use Crystal Reports to extract and format information, and Crystal Reports is one of the most popular packages for corporate reporting. As powerful as it is, Crystal Reports is not known for having a gentle learning curve--in fact, many new users can find the task of extracting what they need from the program a daunting one. Fortunately for these new users, there's CRYSTAL REPORTS 2011 FOR DEVELOPERS: REPORT DESIGN AND INTEGRATION. Covering Crystal Reports 2011, Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI 4.0, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, and Crystal Reports for Eclipse, CRYSTAL REPORTS 2011 FOR DEVELOPERS: REPORT DESIGN AND INTEGRATION provides a solid introduction for any report or application developer just getting started with Crystal Reports. This book even includes chapters on integrating Crystal Reports into a .Net or Java application and the new SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise platform and design environment. Going beyond the sample reports that ship with the product, CRYSTAL REPORTS 2011 FOR DEVELOPERS: REPORT DESIGN AND INTEGRATION is filled with step-by-step essentials and real-world examples, showing readers how to take full advantage of Crystal Reports key features so that they can create information-rich, quality reports from their own data and integrate them into their own applications. Many of the chapters include exercises to give you additional practice in each area covered in the chapter. The files that correspond with the exercises can be downloaded from
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  • Provides a solid introduction to the newest version of Crystal Reports.
  • Covers basic design as well as techniques for integrating on various platforms.
  • Includes all the necessary code as well as sample reports on the companion web site.
  • The author has 15 years of experience training and consulting businesses on many topics, including Crystal Reports.
Author Bio
Cynthia Moore
Cynthia Moore has been in the software consulting field for 17 years, supporting Accounting, HR, and Business Intelligence systems. The enjoyments of supporting these applications include developing reports using Crystal Reports. The majority of her time is spent as a consultant, training and developing products for clients on SAP Business Objects products, as well as various Microsoft and Sage Software products. She has a passion for report and database development and enjoys passing that information on to others. Cynthia is also an Adjunct Faculty member for the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) in Richmond, Virginia, teaching computer courses. She has achieved certifications in Microsoft SQL Server and other Microsoft applications as well as certifications in multiple versions of Crystal Reports. She enjoys utilizing her SQL Server querying experience to enhance SAP Crystal Reports capabilities. She has provided training and consulting services in more than 20 states to date. She is based in Prince George, Virginia.
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Crystal Reports.
2. Getting Started.
3. Creating a Report.
4. Formatting and Organizing Reports.
5. Working with Margins and Sections.
6. Formatting Fields.
7. Filtering and Analyzing Data.
8. Understanding Formulas, Functions, and Expressions.
9. Creating Complex Reports.
10. Setting Report Options and Exporting Reports.
11. Crystal Reports .Net Visual Studio 2010 Introduction.
12. Introduction to Crystal Reports for Eclipse.
13. Introduction to Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI 4.0.
14. Formatting and Organizing Reports.
Appendix A: Formula Functions.
Sample Chapters