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Fearless Photographer: Weddings

Fearless Photographer: Weddings

ISBN 13: 9781435457249

ISBN 10: 1435457242

Author: Joseph Prezioso

Pages: 256

Published: 08/30/2010

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Written for the photographer who is looking for a fresh, unique approach to wedding photography. Covering new styles and concepts for shooting such as fashion bridal photography and photojournalism, Fearless Photographer: Weddings, teaches readers how to use both their equipment and their people skills to capture beautiful and creative images of weddings that truly show the couple's personality and the emotions of the day. The book also shows how to make the most out of any setting to get great photos whatever the wedding location might be.
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  • Offers a unique approach to a popular subject, addressing how to set yourself apart in a competitive industry.
  • Addresses the importance of a photographer's relationship with the bride and groom in creating trust so that true emotion is captured in photographs.
Author Bio
Joseph Prezioso
Joseph Salvatore Prezioso began shooting at age 16 as a stringer for a local chain of newspapers, learning to shoot on the streets next to some of Boston’s best Globe and AP photographers. He was there before digital took over and learned to shoot on film before switching to digital. Today, Joseph has switched back to film after many years of shooting digital. He is a successful wedding photographer, shooting weddings entirely on film. Joseph is also the author of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHER: WEDDINGS. His goal in life is to push boundaries and stay creative.
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Table of Contents
1. Let's Get Creative.
2. Gear: It Does Make a Difference.
3. Metering and Exposure.
4. Lighting and White Balance.
5. Directional Lighting: Be Creative.
6. Coverage: Getting ready.
7. Ceremony.
8. The Bridal Party Portraits.
9. Bride and Groom.
10. The Reception.
11. Locations.
12. Staying Creative.
13. Post-production in Aperture.
14. Photoshop Actions and Manipulation (by Doug Boutwell).
15. Extras.
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