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Professional Web Design, Techniques and Templates

Professional Web Design, Techniques and Templates

ISBN 13: 9781435457157

ISBN 10: 1435457153

Author: Clint Eccher

Pages: 928

Published: 06/22/2010

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This is the must-have book for designers who want to expand their skills and improve the quality of their designs. Learning CSS technology and continually improving one's design and developer skills is essential for every Web designer in today's marketplace. The goal of Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates is to educate beginning-to-intermediate Web designers on the various issues involved with Web design through general discussion, case studies, and specific tips and techniques. Using easy-to-understand language and concepts, the book teaches designers and developers how to create professional-quality CSS-based designs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is explored, giving the reader a strong, basic understanding of how to get sites to rank better in search engines. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) also is explained, helping the designer create a more efficient site for the users who are already visiting. You'll get the benefit of the author's experience. With more than 15 years of experience as a Web designer for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and small businesses alike, Eccher has learned numerous tips and techniques of the trade and discloses them here, saving you time and aggravation by alerting you to potential pitfalls.
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  • New to this edition are tips and case studies on search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, in addition to 20 new templates.
  • Includes a companion DVD-ROM that includes more than 220 customizable design templates, typically costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to create.
  • Explains techniques for creating designs that are as simple or graphically advanced as a designer wants to create and code.
  • Provides the basics on how to work with clients on creating a design.
  • Explains how to acquire more visitors via SEO techniques and increase conversion rates.
Author Bio
Clint Eccher
Clint Eccher has more than 18 years of experience designing and/or developing professional websites. He is the owner of A5design, a web design company that not only sub-contracts to various marketing, advertising, and IT organizations, but also is commissioned by Fortune 500 companies, local and national non-profit organizations, and small businesses for web design and/or development. In addition to authoring previous editions of PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN: TECHNIQUES AND TEMPLATES, which has been published in five different languages, he also is the author of ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN: TECHNIQUES AND TEMPLATES.
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Table of Contents
1. Overview of Web Development Today.
2. Designing for the Past, Present, and Future.
3. Things to Consider Before Beginning.
4. Enhancing Usability.
5. Gathering Requirements and Creating a Comp.
6. What Is Needed to Build Mortised Sites.
7. Understanding Graphics.
8. Creating CSS Designs.
9. Case Study: Low-Content CSS Design.
10. Case Study: Medium-Content CSS Design.
11. Case Study: High-Content CSS Design.
12. Case Study: Full-Height Three-Column Layout.
13. Case Study: Background-Based Design.
14. Case Study: A CSS Form.
15. Case Study: Low-Content XHTML Template.
16. Tips and Techniques.
17. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
18. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
19. Customizing the Designs Included in This Book.
20. Templates Included on DVD.