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The Relational Leader, A Revolutionary Framework to Engage Your Team

The Relational Leader, A Revolutionary Framework to Engage Your Team

ISBN 13: 9781435455580

ISBN 10: 1435455584

Author: Frank McIntosh

Pages: 224

Published: 03/10/2010

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Looking for ways to make your company great, motivate your employees, and grow profits? Then THE RELATIONAL LEADER is a must read for you. Many business books today focus on a particular way of doing things, or theory. The trouble is, we all do not work the same way and one size does not fit all. Told from a perspective few others have, THE RELATIONAL LEADER provides you with real-world examples, anecdotes, and stories of executives from a variety of industries who mastered the art of relational leadership and built incredibly successful organizations. See how relational leadership is not just a theory or a buzzword, but a way of managing through relationship-building to bring out the very best in one's employees. See how some executives succeeded where others failed and take advantage of those lessons of success to create your own.
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  • Easy-to-read and highly motivational and thought provoking – readers will walk away with revitalized enthusiasm and hope for a new, better way to run their organizations.
  • Demonstrates that success and profit is not only possible, but actually more probable, when the organization employs Relational Leadership instead of a Command and Control model because all employees are engaged and valued.
  • Juxtaposes a relational vs. non-relational organization so the reader to explain what Relational Leadership, through real examples.
  • Provides anecdotes and case-studies from managers who have utilized relational leadership techniques in their organizations.
Author Bio
Frank McIntosh
Frank McIntosh's unique experiences with relational leaders had its genesis in a 36-year career with Junior Achievement in Boston, Denver, and Delaware (which also serves Southern NJ and Northern Maryland). In Delaware he served as President and CEO for more than 25 years. During that time, Frank worked with many of the most recognized companies and executives in the world. He has provided consulting services for peers across the country and helped initiate Junior Achievement programs in Ireland, Ivory Coast, Benin, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Uzbekistan. He was inducted into the Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame in October 2008, one of 38 individuals—and the first not-for-profit executive—<BR />so honored among countless leaders spanning over 300 years of Delaware business history. McIntosh recently completed a three-year term as the initial Chair of Delaware's Christina School District's Financial Review Committee.
cover image - The Relational Leader, A Revolutionary Framework to Engage Your Team
Table of Contents
1: Illustrating the Case for Relational Leadership.
2: Who Will Benefit and Who Says So.
3: Mentors: Lighting the Path.
4: What Does Relational Leadership Look Like?
5: Creating a Relational Leadership Organization.
6: The Power of Observation and Its Impact on You.
7: Turning Your Observations into Your Persona.
8: Actions You Can Take to Change Your Workforce.
9: Applying Relational Leadership to Your Personal Life.
10: Instituting Relational Leadership in the Home.
11: Concluding Thoughts.