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Introduction to Business Architecture

Introduction to Business Architecture

ISBN 13: 9781435454224

ISBN 10: 1435454227

Author: Chris Reynolds

Pages: 249

Published: 07/22/2009

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Business Architecture is a disciplined approach to creating and maintaining business models that enhance enterprise accountabilities and improve decision-making. Business Architecture's value proposition, unlike other disciplines, is to increase organizational effectiveness by mapping and modeling the business to the organization's business vision and strategic goals. The book is an introduction to this burgeoning new field. It explains what Business Architecture is, what a good, sustainable one should include, and explains how to implement a business architecture practically within the reader's environment. Extensive examples and case studies are included to clarify points and demonstrate clearly to the reader how they too can begin to build business architecture within their organization.
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  • Provides the first book on this hot, emerging new discipline.
  • Deconstructs Business Architecture by first exploring the components that form the discipline, then discussing how they interplay.
  • Includes case studies and practical discussion of how to apply Business Architecture in the reader's organization.
  • Offers real solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency of an organization, especially helpful during these challenging economic times.
Author Bio
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds has been consulting in the IT industry for over 15 years, and has been doing business design work for over 20 years. He has performed business architecture work for wholesale and logistics companies, manufacturers, telecom companies, and financial institutions.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: What is Business Architecture?
Chapter 1: What is Architecture?
Chapter 2: Why You Need Business Architecture
Part 2: What is Business Architecture Comprised Of?
Chapter 3: The Goals View
Chapter 4: The Facades View
Chapter 5: The Communications View
Chapter 6: The Processes View
Chapter 7: The Business Entities View
Part 3: Putting Together Your Business Architecture Model
Chapter 8: The Bottom-Up Approach
Chapter 9: The Top-Down Approach
Chapter 10: When Are We Done?
Chapter 11: Representational Languages for Business Architecture
Chapter 12: Frameworks
Part 4: Understanding Your Business
Chapter 13: Product-Driven Business Structure
Chapter 14: Service-Driven Business Structure
Chapter 15: Price-Driven Business Structure
Chapter 16: Business Architecture and Business Drivers
Part 5: Practical Uses for Your Business Architecture
Chapter 17: Shifting Business Structure Models
Chapter 18: Acquisition
Chapter 19: Reengineering for Efficiency
Chapter 20: Planning
Chapter 21: Project Initiation
Part 6: Appendixes
Appendix A: Typical Sections in a Business Use Case
Appendix B: UML Cheat Sheet
Appendix C: BPMN Cheat Sheet