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Using Logic Pro X's Updated Score Editor

Using Logic Pro X's Updated Score Editor

ISBN 13: 9781305392670

ISBN 10: 1305392671

Author: Jay Asher


Published: 06/03/2014

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If you're a Logic Pro Score Editor user, this information-packed eBook will quickly get you up to speed on the new features in the latest version of Score Editor in Logic Pro X—including the new Styles Editor, Score Set Editor, and more. Written by film scoring artist and columnist Jay Asher, USING LOGIC PRO X'S UPDATED SCORE EDITOR includes easy-to-follow, illustrated tutorials and walk-throughs that will help you get the most out of these new and enhanced Score Editor features.
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  • Concise, to-the-point instruction on Score Editor's newest features.
  • Covers the new Staff Styles Editor, the Score Set Editor, and more.
  • Includes coverage of exporting XML to Sibelius or Finale.
Author Bio
Jay Asher
Jay Asher is a composer, songwriter, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, pianist/synthesist, and entertainer who has been based in Los Angeles since 1972. He is best known for scoring the TV series "Zorro" and writing songs recorded by Julia Iglesias, Whitney Houston, and Donna Summer.
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Table of Contents
1. Score Editor's Local Inspector in Linear View and Region Headers.
2. Wrapped View.
3. Customizable Part Boxes.
4. New Staff Styles Editor.
5. New Score Set Editor.
6. Export XML to Sibelius or Finale.
7. More Accurate Duration Bars.
8. Enhanced guitar notation, including bends.
9. Looped Regions now appear in the Score Editor.
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