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Rock Your iPad, Thor

Rock Your iPad, Thor

ISBN 13: 9781305272248

ISBN 10: 1305272242

Author: G. W. Childs IV

Pages: 40

Published: 06/13/2014

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Propellerhead's Thor synthesizer for the iPad is a virtual synth that works just like the popular Thor synth found in Propellerhead's virtual studio, Reason. Thor is powerful, pro-level instrument that combines several types of synthesis, including wavetable, FM synthesis, and subtractive synthesis. Now, in this power-packed e-book tutorial, G.W. Childs shows you how to get the most out of Thor, including how to build stunning patches and sequences that will add to any performance or composition you're creating. By following in G.W.'s footsteps, you will build sounds, experiment with routings, filters, oscillators, LFOs and more, and gain a greater understanding of this great virtual synth. ROCK YOUR IPOD: THOR is concise and to the point, and no musical background is required—you'll be making great music in no time.
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  • Teaches how to create bass patches in Thor.
  • Includes instruction on creating lead and rhythm patches.
  • Explores basic synthesis within the realm of Thor.
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Table of Contents
1. Create Bass Patch in Thor.
2. Create a Lead Patch.
3. Create a Rhythmic Lead Patch.
4. Create a Pad.
5. Create a Gated String Pad.
6. Where do you go from here?.