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Packaging Yourself, The Targeted Resume

Packaging Yourself, The Targeted Resume

ISBN 13: 9781285753584

ISBN 10: 1285753585

Author: Kate Wendleton

Pages: 256

Published: 04/30/2013

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Does your résumé correspond to your LinkedIn profile? Have you simply recounted your work history in your résumé, or have you "packaged" yourself to be seen the way you want to be seen? PACKAGING YOURSELF is the only book on the market that uses case studies to teach you the nuances of résumé preparation, as well as how to combine it with your LinkedIn profile. The average résumé is looked at for only ten seconds. Make yours stand out. Learn how to highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Prepare a marketing piece that dynamically presents you just the way you want prospective employers to see you. Learn how to present yourself effectively on LinkedIn and other media. You'll learn to create an exciting résumé that will, make the reader want to call you in for a meeting, and will guide the interviewing process and bring out the best points about yourself, develop the accomplishment statements that form the backbone of your résumé, and write a summary that increases your chance of getting just the job you want.
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  • Includes tips and techniques on the latest job search strategies (including online resources).
  • Reflects the realities of career-change in a tough economic climate.
  • Guides the reader in developing the accomplishment statements that form the backbone of the résumé, bringing out the best points of the applicant.
  • Contains dozens of sample résumés, fully indexed by industry and profession so that readers can easily find material relevant to their career.
  • Provides unique case studies that teach readers the nuances of how to think about resume preparation.
  • Includes tips on how to effectively market yourself through correspence to the right people to get the job.
Author Bio
Kate Wendleton
The Five O'Clock Club -- where your professional success gets personal attention. Started in 1986, our mantra is that "we always do what is in the best interests of the job hunter." Our founder, Kate Wendleton, has been a career coach since 1978, when she founded The Five O'Clock Club and developed its basic methodology to help job hunters and career changers of all levels in job-search strategy groups headed by senior Five O'Clock Club-certified coaches. Kate, Five O'Clock Club coaches, and members of our management team have appeared on the Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Larry King, National Public Radio and CBS, and in The New York Times, The Economist, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, Business Week and other national media.
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Table of Contents
1. The Five O'Clock Club Method of Job Search.
2. Accomplishments: The Backbone of Your Story.
3. Developing Your Résumé.
4. Résumés for Making a Career Change.
5. Résumés for Executives.
6. Résumés for Managers and High-Level Professionals.
7. CVs for those in Education, Government, and Other Fields That Require a CV.
8. Résumés for Lower-Level Professionals.
9. Résumé Checklist: How Good Is Your Résumé?
10. What Is The Five O'Clock Club? "Where Professional Success Gets Personal Attention."
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